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Post Cards

Standard Size: 4.25" x 5.5"
Select a template from our Farming/Prospecting category or customize your own piece (set-up charges may apply)
Email us the information to print on your cards (property photo, full property address, your personal information and photo, other wording or images)
Postcards are printed full colour front and back

(Letter Carrier Drop)
Completing your own Statement of Mailing? Click here for instructions

Postcards are mailed to the area you determine. Call Canada Post at 1.866.757.5480 or use Precision Targeter on the Canada Post website to determine your target area.

  1. Select the size of your mail piece
  2. Weight = 30g
  3. Mailing Date: leave at 'When I drop off' even though Colour Tech will handle the mailing
  4. Skip the Cost section and 'Continue'
  5. Refine Who Receives your Mailing - leave all 4 boxes checked, skip the rest and 'Continue'
  6. Click Postal Code (FSA) and enter FSA (first half of postal code) in box and 'Continue'
  7. The next screen will outline your map
  8. Click on the area you want to target - a pop up window will display the route number and the number of Houses, Apartments, Farms, Businesses in that route
  9. Click the icon for Data View and make note of the delivery installation/depot shown directly above the FSA
  10. When placing your order with us, include the following: FSA, ROUTE NUMBER, DELIVERY INSTALLATION/DEPOT, QTY and TARGET (houses, apts, farms, businesses, etc.)
  1. Canada Post updates its delivery network on a regular basis. Delivery Modes and the quantities within Delivery Modes can change at any time. To ensure you receive accurate coverage, please verify your mailing plan with each mailing, even if you previously targeted the same area.
  2. If less than Canada Post suggested qty is printed, delivery of product will be random within the delivery mode.
  3. Transportation Time* between Colour Tech, Mississauga, Ontario and the Canada Post Secondary Installation (SI) is:
    LOCAL - up to 4 bus days
    ONTARIO - up to 6 bus days
    NATIONAL - up to 16 bus days

    After arrival at the SI, the product is delivered by Canada Post over a period of 1-3 business days. Please keep this in mind when placing your order with us, especially with date sensitive marketing material.

    * not guaranteed
Quantity Cost per Card
(cross bundling & postage included)