Social Media Tips for Real Estate Agents

These social media tips for real estate agents will get you ready and loaded for your next campaign!

The internet and social media have made a huge impact on how agents or sales representatives connect with their clients. It seems that almost everyone we know is plugged into social media somehow or another. It is reported that Facebook has more than one billion users, YouTube has more than 800 million users, Twitter and Instagram each have nearly 300 million users and Pinterest has more than 70 million users. Businesses across all industries are finding ways to use social media within their marketing strategies.

However, social media is more than a way to build your brand. It’s also a smart way to stay in contact with your clients and emphasize your experience in the field. Here are some expert social media tips for agents and sales reps. We’ve went ahead and compiled social media tips for real estate agents.

Our Social Media Tips For Real Estate Agents…

1) Provide value

Regardless of which social media site you use, it is important to ensure that what you’re posting is valuable to your clients. Posting valuable content will keep your clients and followers engaged. Look for interesting real estate related articles that offer tips for buyers and sellers or information about mortgages. You may also want to promote your own events as well as articles about events in your local area. If you do have a blog then make sure you are regularly updating and posting new content to your audience. It is also important to share your blog throughout Twitter and Facebook.

2) Include your clients

When you tag or mention your clients in your posts on social media you’re helping to expose your business to the people in their networks. This also gives the client a feeling of importance and special treatment. When you close a transaction, take a photo of your clients or the home and post it to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or even LinkedIn (with their permission of course.) This could allow you access to their networks and may prompt potential buyers and sellers from their networks to contact you.

3) Keep the medium in mind

Each social media site contains different features. For example, you wouldn’t want to post a written article to Pinterest. Adapt your posts to where you’re posting them. Facebook is perfect for longer text and news articles. Pinterest is ideal for images and Twitter is for short blurbs of text or links to a certain landing page.

4) Encourage your clients to share your posts

The more interesting or engaging your posts are the more likely your network is to share it with their connections. Make sure to always ask clients to share your posts and be sure to thank your clients and connections when they share it. This as mentioned will give you access to their networks and get your brand as a sales rep positively promoted.

Social media is often confusing. With so many social media sites, it can be difficult to know what to post where. The value that social media can bring you as a real estate agent or sales rep is unmatched. Use these sites to offer value and promote your business. Imagine if you had access to the vast networks of Facebook and Instagram. This would make prospecting and selling a lot easier.

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  1. My cousin does real estate, and he wants me to help him with his social media. I appreciated this post, and I think these tips are all very valid. I liked your advice to keep the medium in mind to ensure that your posts are on appropriate platforms. Thanks for sharing this!

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