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Hi. I’m Bob Campbell, President & CEO of Colour Tech Marketing and for the moment, Chief Cook & Bottle Washer. I’m here today to talk about our recipe post cards.

Did you know the latest TV stats show that 80% of people love watching cooking shows. Well we have a wonderful selection of recipe post cards that we think will be a very delicious way to help you keep in touch with your clients.

Why? Because recipe cards do attract attention, people do keep them,  they share them with others, and there is a very good chance that  they will be looking forward to the next one.

Right now we have about 40 recipes on our site and they include seasonal ones, like our Smoothies recipe for summer and a variety of appetizers, soups, salads, entrees and desserts.

Now there are two ways to set up an effective “keep in touch” recipe card program for your existing clients.

Option 1: We can take a card like this Pumpkin Pie recipe print the cards with a blank mailing area on the back like this. This will allow you to add your own address label and stamp and send them out yourself.

Option 2: You can send us an excel spread sheet from your database, merge it with your post card run  print the exact number you want and  we will mail them for you via first class mail, on the date you want them sent out.

As you can see, the cards will have your photo and contact info on them, as well as your client’s name, address and the postal code.

We can assist you in setting either of these options up so that they can be done automatically on a quarterly, monthly or bi-monthly basis.

That looks after your clients. Now we need to show you how these recipe cards help you find new business.

One option here is to have the recipe cards designed not for mailing but for you to hand out at special events, open houses or when you meet people one on one. You decide on the quantity you want to keep on hand. They would look like this with your marketing message one side & the recipe on the other.

However if you want to target your farm area and send out a larger recipe post card run, we can do it via Unaddressed Admail, also known as a letter drop. Here’s a sample of a larger 5.5x 8.5 recipe card done by one of our clients with her marketing card on the front and the recipe on the back. These would be printed in quantities of 1000 or more, bundled by us in 100’s and and picked up for delivery by Canada Post.

If you are interested in finding the names, addresses and phone numbers of residents in a particular postal code area, we can do that as an addressed mail program. The back would be setup for mailing. You can call us for details.

We’ll even go a step further and send you the list of people that we sent them to, along with their address and phone number so that you will now have a new list of potential clients to add to your database.

It was some time ago that Margaret, our founder started selecting recipes for these cards. Her favourite is the banana bread recipe. On the back was the Colour Tech contact info that we used at Trade Shows.  We also have a popular Kitchen Conversion Table card and a Roasting Times card to add to the mix. Remember, every contact you make with a client or a prospect is a chance to grow your business. So go ahead and make all of them feel as valued as family by sharing these delectable recipes.


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