Successful Real Estate Agents: 7 Must Have Qualities

Successful real estate agents constantly think about the key things that set themselves apart from the rest. Industry experts have been examined to determine what leads to successful client/agent relationships. Successful real estate agents apply the following to their practice.

Successful Real Estate Agents Exhibit these Traits…

Successful Real Estate Agents

1) Great Communication

This is important in any field but especially in the real estate industry. Usually the option to buy or sell is time sensitive so being a great communicator can help reassure your clients. By constantly updating them they will be able to understand their current situation. This confidence that they know exactly where they stand will increase their confidence in you as an agent. Clients are often frustrated with their agents because they do not know what is going on.

2) Be Proactive

Communication is a key component when being proactive and it is important to talk with current clients. It is equally important to chase new leads and ask for referrals. Brian Buffini has built up a huge referral network which has lead to massive success. By being proactive about your lead generation you can ensure that you will always have prospects. Informing current and prospective clients about your services and promotions is important to being proactive.

3) Great Listeners

This concept is again linked to communication and is very important to clients. Clients will often be weary of agents who talk too much and do not listen to their needs. By letting your client speak and actively listening to them it again involves them in the process of buying or selling. They feel more confident in your ability to serve them and you as an agent gain valuable insight. Phil Soper believes that communication through active listening is one of the most important leadership tools.

4) Adapt to Clients Needs

All clients are different and because of this it is important to be able to adapt your style to fit their needs. Some like to communicate through the phone while others prefer emails. By changing your style to fit your client you will be able to better relate with them. This will make it easier to communicate ideas and information between the two of you.

5) Don’t be Afraid to Provide References

Providing references of previous clients can establish you as a credible agent. This does not mean give references of your greatest deals. Instead it is better to provide the most recent successes and clients as references. This will give your client peace of mind that you have a track record for success.

6) Know Why the Customer is Selling

Successful real estate agents will think about why a customer is selling. This could be for a number of reasons like selling to buy or selling an investment property. It is also good to determine if the house has any sort of sentimental value to the seller. By determining why they are selling you can better relate to them and adapt your style to fit these reasons.

7) Know your Clients Timeframe

Determining the clients expected timeframe can help with client/agent relations. If as an agent you can establish this then you can determine the urgency of your client. If they are in a hurry this is good to know because then you are expected to make a deal quickly. If they are not you may have more time to shop around and get a better deal.

At Colour Tech, we have experienced customer service representatives who can offer personalized marketing services and marketing programs that will help you become successful. This can save you time and will allow you to focus on your business, while we take care of your marketing needs. Contact us today for a complimentary marketing consultation.

“Quality product, quality service, quality people. What else can you ask for?”

John Muirhead, Royal LePage Meadowtowne Realty, Mississauga, ON

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Leading As A Real Estate Agent in Times of Change

Leading a team can be difficult and often, people crack under the pressure of leadership. When trying to lead in an industry that is always evolving or transitioning into a role of leadership there are a few things to keep in mind.  Google defines leadership as the action of leading a group of people or an organization. John Blom outlined some things to keep in mind when dealing with change. These general concepts will help you while listing your homes for sale and improve your success within this ever-changing market. Below are a few examples of how you can become an effective leader and separate yourself from other agents in the field:

colourtech change

Tap into the experience of others

The unknown or change can be one of the scariest things that real estate agents face when listing houses for sale or prospecting potential clients. It is difficult to determine the stability of certain markets and housing prices and it is often beneficial to look to the experiences of others in order to avoid some potential hardships. It is even more uncertain when you must fill the shoes and transition into a leadership role with more responsibilities. When transitioning into a leadership role you may want to shadow or interview the person who has held the position before you. Alongside this, while working as a realtor, you will constantly face change and learn by merely observing others leading around you. There are a vast number of resources and industry analytics that realtors can use and study to avoid the grief others have been through. Certain whitepapers and publications published by credible individuals can offer valuable insights into the industry.

Diversify your efforts or leadership team

Diversity is one of the cornerstones of business and can be attributed to the success of many agents that post their listings MLS (Multiple Listing Service). Have you ever heard the saying “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”? This outlines the idea that if we focus all our efforts on one thing and that fails, we are left with no other option. Listing houses for sale in different areas, through different social media sites or to different customers can help you diversify your efforts and give you more of a chance for success. If you are a realtor that runs a team or a brokerage, then you must also consider diversifying these members. If the team is like-minded, they will often carry the same beliefs and ideas as members of their team. However if the team carries diverse characteristics, then the organization as a whole can capitalize on opportunities within the industry.

Have a positive outlook

Realtors and leaders within the industry, as a whole, deal with an intense level of adversity when listing homes for sale and retaining their clients. Therefore, it is important to maintain a positive outlook when dealing with changes in the industry. Successful agents view change as an area of opportunity and a chance to prove themselves. They see a lot of potential from thinking positively and pushing through whatever conflict they encounter. Change is something that is almost certain and must be embraced by realtors in the market today. A positive outlook and determination can push you through the tough times and differentiate you as someone who will get things done at any cost. Confidence is also portrayed when you show a positive outlook and it helps establish credibility while leading.

Be referable and relatable

Approximately 82% of all real estate business is repeat or referral business, according to a study by Buffini & Company. This means that a vast majority of people who list their homes for sale do so through a recommended agent or one they have already used. This means that it is important to be relatable and ask for referral business. During a time of change or transition, you can be more certain that your clients will follow you and use you as an agent if you are friendly and relatable. It is not uncommon that  a person will list many houses for sale through the same agent over their life and develop a personal relationship with them.

We at Colour Tech are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality personal promotion products in the shortest time frame at the best possible price. Contact us today for a complimentary marketing consultation.

I have been dealing with Colour Tech for over 20 years and must say that I have always been pleased with the quality of the product and the service…I’m a dedicated Colour Tech client and believe everybody else should be as well. Nothing wrong with working with the best.”- Ken Forbes, The Real Estate Giant, Remax Advantage Realty Ltd., London, ON



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Marketing Tips for 2016, 7 Tips For Agents

Real Estate marketing can be a pretty tricky business. It is hard enough trying to find the perfect house for your client, or trying to sell a house under 30 days. But throw in marketing and advertising and this can make everything even more difficult! Thankfully, we have seven easy tips that can keep you on top of your marketing campaigns!

effective agents

Tip 1: Create a Killer Business Card:

 Business cards are essential in business, but creative and memorable business cards are even better for marketing yourself and your brand. Your business card will set you apart from your competition, and allow you to leave an impression that reflects the tone and aim of your business. This is why it is extremely important to have a unique business card for yourself. This can be done by experimenting with different font styles, colours, graphics, and even different types of card stock. Check out the innovative designs we’ve been working on!

Tip 2: Create an Irresistible Content Offer to Capture Leads:

Generate leads by creating an irresistible offer for your audience that they simply can’t say no to! Consider creating an eBook like “X number of things new home owners should consider before buying” or “X most valuable features of a new home”. If you offer these eBooks online in exchange for their name and postal code, it’s a great way to capture leads!

 Tip 3: Send Postcards in a Local Area to get Physical Leads:

 Leads do not always have to come from online. Customers and potential customers still appreciate and enjoy receiving postcards that could generate an increase in your leads. Start off 2016 by sending your prospects and customers a personalized postcard to wish them a Happy New Year!

 Tip 4: Create a Fun Newsletter:

 Newsletters come in a variety of different formats. From pages of plain text, to full-blown graphically designed, multi-paged publications that look like mini-newspapers or magazines. Clients love receiving fun and exciting newsletters! Newsletters allow clients to interact and stay in touch with you. They also give you a better chance of retaining clients than your competitors who don’t.

 Tip 5: Amp up all Your Social Media Accounts:

Social media sites are an excellent way to market to new potential clients, as well as existing. There are three top social media sites that are great for using as a marketing tool – Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Facebook is an excellent start if you are just transitioning into social media. There are currently 1.19 billion users on Facebook, making it one of the most visited websites. Due to its high volume of users, Facebook is the perfect opportunity to increase your exposure to potential customers, as well as existing customers.  Facebook allows companies to reach your targeted audience, while at the same time build brand loyalty among this audience. Facebook is also great for gathering more leads, and boosting your web traffic to your page and website.


Twitter is also a great social media to have for your brand. Twitter allows you to keep up with the latest trends in your industry, which benefits both you and your customers. Also, Twitter is great at getting instant feedback about your products or services, due to their real-time live feed, hashtags, and @ replies. Lastly, Twitter excels in giving you the ability to promote your blog content, videos, or websites – driving even more traffic to your content.


In many ways, Instagram is an untapped market for businesses. There is far less competition on Instagram than there is on Facebook and Twitter, making businesses who are on Instagram far more competitive than businesses who are not. This is especially good for small and growing businesses. Also, Instagram has free advertising, which allows you to showcase your product and services in action to generate more exposure. Lastly, Instagram is great at increasing traffic. Although you cannot add clickable linked to every Instagram post you publish, it can still be a powerful source for traffic. Instagram has higher levels of engagement than Facebook and Twitter, so creating and maintaining a strong profile could help benefit your site’s visibility.

 Tip 6: Automate Your Campaigns:

Marketing campaigns can be time consuming and need constant attention. Automated campaigns have become increasingly popular over the past few years because they allow business owners to strictly focus just on their business. This will allow your business to excel, as well as optimize the results of your marketing campaign. It also helps increases revenues and average deal sizes. At Colour Tech, we offer the perfect way to automate your marketing campaigns. Contact us today to find out about our automated postcard program!

Tip 7: Keep in Touch:

In order for you to build lasting relationships with your clients, it is essential to keep in contact with them for months and even years after doing business together. Send anniversary cards, holiday postcards, or even small gifts. You never know when a client may pass along your information to a friend or family member who is ready to buy, so it’s really effective to keep in touch with all of your prospects and clients!

Happy holidays from our team to yours – and wishing you every success for 2016!

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16 Habits of Highly Effective Real Estate Agents

business tips

There are certain habits that all successful people follow, regardless of their position, field or industry. Practicing these habits will always lead to more effective use of your time and it will help increase your strengths and profits as a Real Estate Agent.  Below you will find below 16 examples of what effective agents do to achieve above average results:

1) Have Goals in the 5 core areas of Life: Family, Financial, Mental or Spiritual, Physical and Educational

Having goals are important to how effective you are as an agent because these goals are what drives you to do business. These personal goals give you a “why” when working and if these goals are strong, it will push you to work harder towards them. A few of the areas of life like the physical and educational goals will also improve your health and skills which will also increase effectiveness.

2) Have a Set Schedule

This is something that many leaders in the business world attribute their effectiveness to. A set schedule allows for planning and familiarity throughout your week or month. As a person develops a set schedule they can ensure that they become more effective at tasks they currently do, as well as add tasks that they need to accomplish.

3) Don’t Worry if it Feels Boring, Follow Through with Your Schedule

If it feels boring this means that you are getting more effective at performing your current tasks as a Real Estate Agent. As you continue to maintain a set schedule you can ensure that your time is not wasted with unfilled unproductive slots of time. Repetition will also build momentum for your business and pushing through the boredom will yield results.

4) Keep Generating Leads

Leads are the bloodline of a Realtor’s business. If an agent is not constantly generating leads then you will not effectively gain new and future business. What many agents do is rely too heavily on a few leads rather than trying to generate new ones. Generating leads will ensure that you can be effective in maintaining and building your clientele.

5) Follow-Up

Tracking leads and following up with potential clients is a crucial step that can sometimes be overlooked. Effective agents have strong habits in terms of tracking and following up with prospects to ensure no leads slip through their hands. This ensures that they do not waste any of their time and focus on their most promising prospects.

6) Use Scripts and Systems Effectively

A script or a system allows for repetition, which eventually builds into momentum. Effective agents build these systems and scripts to accomplish their goals and design their day around repetitive actions. Whether this be a calendar management system or a prospect script the agent can be sure they are staying consistent.

7) Never “Wing It”, Have a Plan

Effective Real Estate Agents never just “wing it”. Instead they plan and practice every aspect of their sales process. Scripts and systems help with having a plan and whether it be a prospect phone call or a presentation, it is always better to be prepared. Not having a plan leaves too much to chance and can end up wasting a lot of time and effort of an agent.

8) Devote 10% of Income and Time to Training and Education

This is sometimes referred to as the 90/10 rule. When an agent devotes only 10% of their time and income into education results have shown they are ultimately more effective. Part of the learning process is training and education so skipping out on training can hurt an agents results. After educating and training themselves they can put their skills to work and spend 90% of the time developing and making these skills more effective while earning income.

9) Control Mind, Body, Spirit and Wallet

Keeping all these things stable will make you a better and more effective agent overall. If things like mind, body and spirit are unstable then work life will often be unstable as well. If an agent cannot control spending then their finances will be unstable. These things can affect the Real Estate Agent’s state of mind and if in control can increase effectiveness at work.

10) Start with the End in Mind

As mentioned having a goal is very important to how effective you are as an agent today. If there is an end point to work towards often times it is easier to stay on track and committed to that goal. If this end goal is personal and individualized it is usually better because it carries an emotional target.

11) Ask for Help when you need it

Often times the easiest way to learn a lesson is painful and discouraging, but asking someone with more knowledge than you for help can help with your effectiveness. Asking for help will allow you to observe the actions of someone who may be more experienced or knowledgeable. From this an agent can learn how to remedy certain situations and how to avoid negative situations all together while solving their current predicament.

12) Know your Numbers

Tracking and knowing your specific numbers or ratios will help you as an agent plan and measure success. Successful agents know roughly how many leads they will make per a certain number of phone calls. They then know roughly how many leads turn into actual clients. Knowing the numbers can help with effective tracking and accountability towards success.

13) Be Consistent with Your Day, Start and End Each Working Day the Same

Mentioned previously, consistency and repetition yield more effective results through momentum. Effective Real Estate Agents make sure to start and End each working day the same way with conviction that they will grow their business and clientele.

14) Give Back

Leaders know that it is their job to give back, and this generosity is often reciprocated back towards them. If you believe in Karma then this principle is sound within you, however giving back will also give you a better public perception leading to more leads.

15) Live Debt-Free

A debt-free lifestyle leads to a less stressful peace of mind. Effective agents are not worried by the crushing obligation to repay debt they have acquired. Instead, they focus on moving their businesses forward and growing their income.

16) Serve Others

There is a famous saying that if you help enough people get what they want then you will ultimately get what you want. Effective agents understand that serving others gives them a higher purpose and drives them to be successful. These agents are usually much happier and effective because they believe they are working towards a purpose.



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Real Estate Blog Ideas: 7 Ways To Attract More Leads

These real estate blog ideas will completely set you apart in the game. Blogging and Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short, are two great strategies that real estate agents can use to drive more traffic to their website to ultimately create more leads and increase their businesses.  The process of blogging and content creation increases the chances that a company’s name comes up when a potential prospect searches them in a search engine online. Many companies already post blogs based on current and relatable issues to drive potential customers to their websites. Here are seven ideas that can help you attract more leads through your blogging…

Real Estate Blog Ideas

7 Real Estate Blog Ideas To Set You Apart…

1) Frequently Asked Questions

This is something that is used a lot in blogs and can usually be seen somewhere on a company’s website. This section is very engaging, informative and interactive for customers and usually helps drive them to your website. In order to create leads real estate agents may use a section like this to talk about some of the current issues that real live casino games online prospects are concerned about. This will set potential leads minds at ease and direct them to your site, on top of this these questions will involve keywords. Keywords are tags that people are searching frequently on the internet, and by having a FAQ section agents can capitalize on keyword searches.

2) Reviews of Local Businesses

Giving a quick review of some of the local business around your offices and even around your current real estate market areas can help you find interested prospects. For one insights about an establishment in your area may increase the odds of creating connections with these businesses and will generate referral business down the line. Also blogging about the great entertainment, food/drink and leisure activities around the areas in which you sell real estate will draw them to choose you over other agents.

3) Décor and Interior Design Pieces

When working as a real estate agent you will end up working with many different types of people which includes professional decorators and designers. This is a perfect opportunity to learn and relay information to potential leads about top trends and new styles through a blog. Readers will be very interested about the newest style or type of furnishings for their homes and you’ll be able to drive leads to your website by posting blogs containing keywords about décor and design.

4) Spotlight Up and Coming Neighbourhoods

A blog post containing information about an up and coming area in which you offer real estate is a great way to make readers and potential leads feel as if they are getting the most current information available in the industry.  Many times people will use search engines to try to find an area of real estate that will potentially grow in the future, by posting this type of information companies improve their SEO. Blogs based on this material ensures your website will come up more often than people who do not post this content and prospects will call you because you have given them valuable information.

5) Share Other Relevant Content

Sharing other content can help with lead generation because it allows for the reader to experience different types of blogs instead of the same old informative pieces of content. These informative blogs are important however when a website posts a variety of material it accomplishes a couple of things. One, different keywords appear more often in search engines so that SEO is improved. Two, readers are more engaged as they have a variety of topics that may interest them that they can read about on your site.

6) Photo Collection of Your Market

Visuals are a great way to capture people’s attention as they scroll and search online. Potential leads love looking at captivating photos of an agent’s previous sales and experience to gauge the capabilities of an agent.  Visuals with a brief description or explanation in a blog form allow for keyword searches within search engines and provide the reader with a thorough understanding of the agent’s work. A picture of happy and satisfied customers could generate referrals, demonstrate social proof and drive traffic to your website.

7)  Compile Favourite Recent Content

It is sometimes hard for a company to create and find new content to post every week or month. However, by creating a blog post which compiles and summarizes some of the recent content that you have posted requires little work and can be very engaging. This piece of content can also help improve SEO because it again posts some very critical keywords that will appear in many search engines.  An agent could post a monthly compilation of all their favourite material from that month or that quarter.

Haven’t yet launched a blog? Did you like our real estate blog ideas?
We’ve got an in-house digital media agency that looks after us and our clients? Feel free to drop by and pay them a visit. They can definitely help you. Feel free to book an appointment through Josie or go to our contact section with your request, if you’d like to discuss launching your blog or even just discussing real estate blog ideas. Don’t hesitate to reach out!

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The Power of Direct Mail [INFOGRAPHIC]

Neuromarketing infographic, direct mail infographic

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6 Effective Marketing Strategies For Real Estate Agents

highly effective

1. Branding and Placement

Having consistent branding across all your marketing materials will allow you to constantly remind your networks about how you can help them. Most real estate agents do not do this, which is why when the time comes for your prospect to buy a home, no one is there. Having enough marketing materials will be their call to action to reach out to you.

2. Web & Online Presence

Your website and digital presence is a vehicle to capture leads. Over 90% of buyers begin their home search online, which is why it’s critical that your online presence preempts the competition. Many agents neglect this, and lose out on the potential sales they could have had. There are large communities on social media, and millions of conversations. There are people waiting to be served.

3. Presentation

There’s plenty of opportunity to showcase your skills through seminars and open houses, and yet many agents fail to do so. Plan and prepare for upcoming events to further engage your prospects. When there are many people, you’ll build social proof. 70% of consumers buy from a trusted source, and having your prospects and past clients at events will give you more credibility. As a speaker you will also establish yourself as an expert in your field, which grows your buying audience.

4. Content and Blogging

Having precise content is the key to driving effective marketing campaigns. With the constant development of content, your leads will increase. As soon as you have 311 indexed pages on Google, your leads will increase by 286% on average. This is where most agents fall short, as they don’t take action with the necessary steps.

5. Referral System

Having a referral system in place will make it easier for clients and friends to refer you business. Most of the time, your networks want to support you, however they’re simply not trained to qualify your prospects. This is important so that no one’s time is wasted. This approach needs to be consistent across all marketing channels.

6. Collect Leads

Having an online process in place to collect leads is essential, and even more so your “opt-in system” needs to follow best practices. Having the right content and call to action will encourage prospects to take the first step.

We’re working with carefully selected and qualified individuals to take their marketing campaigns to the next level. To receive more information about our Higher Level Marketing program, give us a call at 905-820-6566 to receive an application form.

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Infographic: The Power of Keeping in Touch


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Recipe Postcards [Video]



Hi. I’m Bob Campbell, President & CEO of Colour Tech Marketing and for the moment, Chief Cook & Bottle Washer. I’m here today to talk about our recipe post cards.

Did you know the latest TV stats show that 80% of people love watching cooking shows. Well we have a wonderful selection of recipe post cards that we think will be a very delicious way to help you keep in touch with your clients.

Why? Because recipe cards do attract attention, people do keep them,  they share them with others, and there is a very good chance that  they will be looking forward to the next one.

Right now we have about 40 recipes on our site and they include seasonal ones, like our Smoothies recipe for summer and a variety of appetizers, soups, salads, entrees and desserts.

Now there are two ways to set up an effective “keep in touch” recipe card program for your existing clients.

Option 1: We can take a card like this Pumpkin Pie recipe print the cards with a blank mailing area on the back like this. This will allow you to add your own address label and stamp and send them out yourself.

Option 2: You can send us an excel spread sheet from your database, merge it with your post card run  print the exact number you want and  we will mail them for you via first class mail, on the date you want them sent out.

As you can see, the cards will have your photo and contact info on them, as well as your client’s name, address and the postal code.

We can assist you in setting either of these options up so that they can be done automatically on a quarterly, monthly or bi-monthly basis.

That looks after your clients. Now we need to show you how these recipe cards help you find new business.

One option here is to have the recipe cards designed not for mailing but for you to hand out at special events, open houses or when you meet people one on one. You decide on the quantity you want to keep on hand. They would look like this with your marketing message one side & the recipe on the other.

However if you want to target your farm area and send out a larger recipe post card run, we can do it via Unaddressed Admail, also known as a letter drop. Here’s a sample of a larger 5.5x 8.5 recipe card done by one of our clients with her marketing card on the front and the recipe on the back. These would be printed in quantities of 1000 or more, bundled by us in 100’s and and picked up for delivery by Canada Post.

If you are interested in finding the names, addresses and phone numbers of residents in a particular postal code area, we can do that as an addressed mail program. The back would be setup for mailing. You can call us for details.

We’ll even go a step further and send you the list of people that we sent them to, along with their address and phone number so that you will now have a new list of potential clients to add to your database.

It was some time ago that Margaret, our founder started selecting recipes for these cards. Her favourite is the banana bread recipe. On the back was the Colour Tech contact info that we used at Trade Shows.  We also have a popular Kitchen Conversion Table card and a Roasting Times card to add to the mix. Remember, every contact you make with a client or a prospect is a chance to grow your business. So go ahead and make all of them feel as valued as family by sharing these delectable recipes.

Click here to order your recipe cards today.


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Holiday Hangover: 5 Ways To Get Back On Track


You’ve just had an extraordinary time on Canada Day. Maybe you got together with some friends for a BBQ, took your kids to go see the fireworks, or spent the entire day out and about. One way or another, you’re probably wondering how to manage the rest of the week. It already feels like the week is almost over, then why even bother trying, right? Wrong. The last stretch for this week will impact your results next week. If you implement the following 5 steps, you will get things done and feel great about the week ahead!

  1. Separate Business Development from Administration

Sales is a key element in your business, but so is customer service. Have both your business development and administration separated clearly. This way, you’ll have a clear direction with your business processes. For example, if you’re making calls, do them in the morning. If you want to sort out your bookkeeping, do that in the afternoon. Strategically plan out your day, and allocate time slots for each task in your calendar.

  1. Structure a solid to-do list

Write down all the things you must complete by the end of the day. Then, categorize them in order of importance. You could label your most important task, “A” and the lesser tasks “B” and “C”. When you have this list in front of you throughout the day, you’ll operate much more efficiently.

  1. Work on the business first

Many times, professionals will get caught up with being in the business, and not working on the business. How about working on a project that could potentially reap great rewards for your business? When’s the last time you and gamble with bitcoin your team have had training? Working on the business motivates you and gets you thinking about the things that will help your business grow!

  1. Connect with both clients and prospects

Chances are that your clients and prospects are both facing the holiday hangover as well, which is why your connection with them will be a breath of fresh air. Reach out to them one way or another, whether it’s through a voice mail or an email message. It’s the thought that you were thinking about them that makes a difference. There’s always an opportunity to continue building relationships, and this is definitely one of them.

  1. Act, don’t react.

Don’t let the day control you. Otherwise, you’ll be constantly reacting to the tasks that keep popping up. Instead, use the to-do list as a guide to efficiently work on the outcome you want.  This process will not only help you avoid making excuses for having a holiday hangover, but will give you focus, clarity, and motivation – without the Alka-Seltzer!

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