Lead Generation, It’s Simple and Valuable!

If you’re in one of Canada’s larger city centers or busier real estate markets chances are you face some common problems. Maybe you are currently dealing with a shortage of inventory or even an overpriced listing. These markets are highly competitive so for the most part agents face competing offers. Some agents overlook cheaper and easier ways to tap into their markets and optimize their lead generation. This can be highly valuable to agents as they face problems in busier and larger markets.


Here are 5 ways to get the word out and help your buyers get closer to finding the home they desire. These tips will help you with your lead generation:

1) Blogging

This is a powerful platform used to promote specific homes that buyers are looking for. For instance a hot new condominium project may be listed on your blog and sent out to a certain target market. From here they will be prompted to contact you. You can blog about all of the qualities your buyers are looking for in a home, but try to be as specific as possible. Consider including information about your potential buyers to engage people and motivate them to want to contact you. Often online a call to action can be added in the form of a hyperlink that directs potential buyers to your contact information. Blogging is the new way that people are engaged in your business and can generate new business leads.

2) Social Media

This is another excellent way to get the word out on what your buyers are looking for. Post your buyers dream home or targeted content on sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. On these sites people can repost and share content throughout their own personal networks. Many people are engaged more than ever through social media and again agents can connect with their potential buyers. Many businesses and agents have business pages on Facebook. Potential leads can access contact information and their personal websites which brings them more business.

3) An E-Flyer

This on the other hand is a great visual to share with your entire network. You can even send these to other agents within your professional networks. It can be even more effective if you include some information about your potential buyers to really connect with them. Often agents will send out an E-Flyer with a visual and promotion at certain times of the year like holidays. This will also help with lead generation.

4) Reach Out

Sometimes people slip through our fingertips and it is hard when we hear of a past lead signing a deal with another agent. To avoid this it is important to follow up on all of your past leads from the last 12 to 24 months. These people are some of your best potential clients and even if they are not in the market they may know someone who is. These people already have a connection with you and they will therefore be more open to working with you or referring others.

5) Prospecting

The act of prospecting is still one of the most effective ways to generate business and find new leads. You can reach out by phone, door knock, or even just meet people everywhere you go. The idea that an agent should always be prospecting is not new to real estate. An agent should always have a business card and be willing to give out or get contact information at all times.

There are many different ways to generate new leads with little cost to you. Listed above are some tips that may help generate new business for you into the future. A key to success is lead generation.

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