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Getting a new client is based on building a relationship with that person.  A professionally taken business portrait is a great place to start this process.  It will automatically portray to your client(s) a “snapshot” of who you are and expresses your personality.

Business portraits can be used in newspaper advertisements, brochures, and flyers, on your web-site and on your business card.  Include a business portrait with your press releases; the media prefers articles that have a picture to accompany them (even a business portrait may be the deciding factor to get in the newspaper).

Update your business portrait every two years to portray an accurate image.  It instills in your clients a sense of honesty by not misleading.

As a professional photographer I can help you choose what clothes to wear; whether or not to wear your glasses and how to pose for this picture.  Background and lighting are critical and require a professional to achieve the desired results.

Book a photo-shoot today!  Usually it takes approximately thirty minutes to get the image you want.

Written by: Lenore Farrell, Photographer

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