Holiday Hangover: 5 Ways To Get Back On Track

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You’ve just had an extraordinary time on Canada Day. Maybe you got together with some friends for a BBQ, took your kids to go see the fireworks, or spent the entire day out and about. One way or another, you’re probably wondering how to manage the rest of the week. It already feels like the week is almost over, then why even bother trying, right? Wrong. The last stretch for this week will impact your results next week. If you implement the following 5 steps, you will get things done and feel great about the week ahead!

  1. Separate Business Development from Administration

Sales is a key element in your business, but so is customer service. Have both your business development and administration separated clearly. This way, you’ll have a clear direction with your business processes. For example, if you’re making calls, do them in the morning. If you want to sort out your bookkeeping, do that in the afternoon. Strategically plan out your day, and allocate time slots for each task in your calendar.

  1. Structure a solid to-do list

Write down all the things you must complete by the end of the day. Then, categorize them in order of importance. You could label your most important task, “A” and the lesser tasks “B” and “C”. When you have this list in front of you throughout the day, you’ll operate much more efficiently.

  1. Work on the business first

Many times, professionals will get caught up with being in the business, and not working on the business. How about working on a project that could potentially reap great rewards for your business? When’s the last time you and gamble with bitcoin your team have had training? Working on the business motivates you and gets you thinking about the things that will help your business grow!

  1. Connect with both clients and prospects

Chances are that your clients and prospects are both facing the holiday hangover as well, which is why your connection with them will be a breath of fresh air. Reach out to them one way or another, whether it’s through a voice mail or an email message. It’s the thought that you were thinking about them that makes a difference. There’s always an opportunity to continue building relationships, and this is definitely one of them.

  1. Act, don’t react.

Don’t let the day control you. Otherwise, you’ll be constantly reacting to the tasks that keep popping up. Instead, use the to-do list as a guide to efficiently work on the outcome you want.  This process will not only help you avoid making excuses for having a holiday hangover, but will give you focus, clarity, and motivation – without the Alka-Seltzer!

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