Have you been Branded?

creative writing supermodel compositionsIdentifying what sets you apart from the rest and knowing how to brand yourself can be challenging. That’s why having a uniform look throughout your marketing material can be what sets you apart from your competition.
It’s all about getting your prospects to see you as their only resource.

Key Successful Branding Tips
1. Establish your identity by using a specific colour, slogan and/or logo
2. Create a unique personalized and memorable look.
3. Carry this new look throughout your marketing material/advertising
4. Market to the same target audience on a regular basis
5. Consistency is key.

These are just a few marketing tools that can be used in a direct mail campaign resulting in brand awareness and new prospects. If done correctly, it will reside within the hearts and minds of customers, clients and future prospects.

What’s your branding strategy?

Written by: Helga Unzog

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