How to Effectively Include Visuals in Your Proposal Presentation

Presentations and proposals can be the most critical components of a real estate agent’s closing process. It is important to stand out from all of the other agents in the market and demonstrate a unique competitive advantage. Visuals are a remarkable way to foster relationships and build understanding with your prospects. Below we outline four ways to create presentations with appealing visuals to impress your prospects and maximize your closing rates.

Present Info Clearly and Briefly

Can you remember the last billboard you came across? Typically, a viewer only has a few seconds to process the information and identify the message. Therefore, anything that you present as a visual must be clear and straight to the point. Excessive clutter can be confusing and will ultimately dilute your call to action. A clear and striking picture, message or statistic will leave your prospect thinking about your presentation – even after it is done!

Choose Your Image Wisely

It is important to put deliberate planning into the images that you wish to use during your presentation as they need to communicate your message effectively. Sometimes a statistic will demonstrate an idea more clearly, whereas during other times, an image will do the job. It is important to ensure that the image is not copied from a regulated source and must be of high resolution and quality. Some agents choose to take photos themselves or hire professional photographers to capture their vision.

Typography Matters

Keep in mind that the position, amount, size and font of text do matter. If there is any text in your visuals, make sure it is consistent with the rest of the visual. Believe it or not, it is very easy to tell when text is just thoughtlessly thrown onto an image! Hence, do not underestimate the power of meticulous typography.

Symbols and Information

Adding symbols, logos and information to your visuals can not only capture the attention of prospects, but it can also increase your credibility throughout the presentation. People are attracted to logos and symbols, and associate these triggers with certain brands. Captivating logos and visuals can add to your brand and establish you as an expert within your industry.

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