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How to Effectively Include Visuals in Your Proposal Presentation

Presentations and proposals can be the most critical components of a real estate agent’s closing process. It is important to stand out from all of the other agents in the market and demonstrate a unique competitive advantage. Visuals are a …


Laminated Printing: The Many Benefits and Uses

Many times business cards and important information will get damaged or lost. Stains, spills and smudges can affect your print advertising. Lamination encloses and bonds printed materials between two pieces of clear plastic film. This transparent film adds strength and protection, … Continue reading


TREB Realtor Quest Video 2016


Increasing The Effectiveness of Your Listings Presentation

There is a very famous saying that reads “a picture is worth a thousand words,” this is very true in the world of Real Estate. According to Hubspot it has been recorded that human beings process visuals 60,000 times faster than … Continue reading


Marketing Tips for 2016, 7 Tips For Agents

Real Estate marketing can be a pretty tricky business. It is hard enough trying to find the perfect house for your client, or trying to sell a house under 30 days. But throw in marketing and advertising and this can … Continue reading

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16 Habits of Highly Effective Real Estate Agents

There are certain habits that all successful people follow, regardless of their position, field or industry. Practicing these habits will always lead to more effective use of your time and it will help increase your strengths and profits as a … Continue reading


The Power of Direct Mail [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Holiday Hangover: 5 Ways To Get Back On Track

You’ve just had an extraordinary time on Canada Day. Maybe you got together with some friends for a BBQ, took your kids to go see the fireworks, or spent the entire day out and about. One way or another, you’re … Continue reading

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Infographic: Do’s & Dont’s Of Printing

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Did You Know? #19 – Direct Mail

Colour Tech offers Direct Mail programs targeted to help you gain entry into a specific neighbourhood or demographic We offer a fully Automated Postcard Program and also a manual program – the choice is yours We’ll do it all… from … Continue reading