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Multi-coloured letters. A white swoosh. An apple with a missing bite. If you live in the civilized world (and since you’re on a computer, I am guessing you do), you understand the three things I mentioned above. They’re the logos of … Read Full Article

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6 Images That Evoke Emotional Responses

Did you know the human brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text? What we see has a profound effect on what we do, how we feel, and what we remember. Psychologist Albert Mehrabian demonstrated that 93% of communication … Continue reading

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Did You Know? #6 – Photo Services

Colour Tech provides a professional photo service For optimum print quality we colour-correct it for our press Your personal photo should be updated every 5 years We hold monthly sessions with a Professional Photographer at our office On-Location photo shoots … Continue reading

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Did You Know? #2 – Photographs

Colour Tech treasures your personal photo For optimum print quality we colour-correct it for our press We size and position it based on the product you have chosen Our goal is to make you look good so that you feel … Continue reading

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Happy 20th Anniversary Colour Tech!

It’s no small feat for a business to still be operating 20 years later.  In fact, in these days of harder economic downturns, it’s quite the accomplishment and certainly something worth acknowledging.  So, how did it all happen? Well, first … Continue reading

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Increase Your Position in the Market

Photos – Part 3: Getting a new client is based on building a relationship with that person.  A professionally taken business portrait is a great place to start this process.  It will automatically portray to your client(s) a “snapshot” of … Continue reading

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What is a good photo?

Photos – Part 2: When creating your printed marketing materials, you must achieve numerous objectives to effectively advertise your product or service in order to maximize the value of your dollar spent.  One of the most important aspects often underemphasized … Continue reading

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Can I be Candid?

Photos – Part 1 With tiny pocket and smart phone cameras, who among us doesn’t have a wide array of candid snapshots? But are they really the stuff that business cards are made of? Sure, they’re close at hand and … Continue reading

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