Can We Talk?, computers, machines, they’re all wonderful, aren’t they?  But they most definitely have their place and, in my opinion, it’s not as part of a conversation.  I’m sure you’ve noticed when you pick up the phone to call Colour Tech that your first point of contact is an honest to goodness, live human being and that’s because we believe people should talk to other people. Sure, a machine would ultimately get you to the department of choice but wouldn’t you miss the lilt in the receptionists’ voice?  Wouldn’t you miss ‘hearing’ her smile?

That concept seems to be a novelty these days but not every company has a need to follow the norm. We’re not knocking advances in technology; we wholeheartedly embrace them in our customer service, graphics and production departments. But our front line is about greeting our customers; it’s about connecting you with someone you can talk and discuss with, exchange thoughts and ideas with.  I don’t believe they have quite designed a computer that can do all that so, for the foreseeable future, every time you call us a ‘person’ will answer the phone.

Unless we’re closed, of course, then you’ll get a machine. See? It’s like I said, they have their place and their time…and for us, it’s after hours.

So, with all that being said, are we in jeopardy of computers invading our conversations? They’ll certainly know all the answers but will definitely be devoid of emotion. Personally, I think the world already has enough of those types. What do you think?

Jaclyn Kader
Colour Tech Marketing Inc.
Personalized, Real Estate

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  1. Josie Pool

    Great Job on the blog! It is nice to know that we Receptionist are appreciated and that our efforts are noticed. Keep up the good work on the blogs! – Josie

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