It may be winter now but, as we all know, a new season will be bursting forth in just a matter of weeks. So, to help you leap into the Spring Market, we’ve created our own version of a “Things To Do List”.

1. Get your house cleaning done early – house, office, car, desk, PDA, even your mind (seriously!)…in fact, anywhere you conduct business!

2. Organize the clutter – lots of folders lying around? File ‘em, archive ‘em or toss ’em. After all, you need room for the new customer files that will be coming your way!

3. Kick start a ‘back burner’ project – because the sun isn’t going down quite as quickly so look at the hours you’re gaining!

4. A Fresh New You – a new haircut, update your photo or a new look for your marketing material!

5. Market Yourself (yes, again!) – have lots of business cards at the ready. In fact, why not affix them to our Spring Calendar (Mar 2012-May 2013) for a handy client give-away?

Do you have a strategy for the approaching season?

Written by: Bob Campbell

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