A Heartfelt Message For Less, Indeed

read moreA recent Yahoo Finance article provided a top 15 list of items to buy at dollar stores. Number 1 on the list was Greeting Cards.

The main message was about their wide selection of Greeting Cards for a dollar or less.

Not only does Colour Tech have Greeting Cards for a dollar or less, we make them just for you, on premium paper stock with any design you wish to create.

That sounds much better than the article’s description of generic Greeting Cards that don’t fit all of your style and status requirements.

The perfect way to maintain continuity in your marketing message is to add complementary products to your arsenal. Labels – the Feature Product of February – when paired with any Greeting Card, complete your high-end look for LESS than dollar stores! Indeed!

Peel 'N Stick Labels
Top 5 Label Uses:

  1. Mailing Labels
  2. Referral Stickers
  3. Wine Bottles
  4. Gift Baskets
  5. Promotional Items

What do you use them for?

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