Real Estate Blog Ideas: 7 Ways To Attract More Leads

These real estate blog ideas will completely set you apart in the game. Blogging and Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short, are two great strategies that real estate agents can use to drive more traffic to their website to ultimately create more leads and increase their businesses.  The process of blogging and content creation increases the chances that a company’s name comes up when a potential prospect searches them in a search engine online. Many companies already post blogs based on current and relatable issues to drive potential customers to their websites. Here are seven ideas that can help you attract more leads through your blogging…

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7 Real Estate Blog Ideas To Set You Apart…

1) Frequently Asked Questions

This is something that is used a lot in blogs and can usually be seen somewhere on a company’s website. This section is very engaging, informative and interactive for customers and usually helps drive them to your website. In order to create leads real estate agents may use a section like this to talk about some of the current issues that real live casino games online prospects are concerned about. This will set potential leads minds at ease and direct them to your site, on top of this these questions will involve keywords. Keywords are tags that people are searching frequently on the internet, and by having a FAQ section agents can capitalize on keyword searches.

2) Reviews of Local Businesses

Giving a quick review of some of the local business around your offices and even around your current real estate market areas can help you find interested prospects. For one insights about an establishment in your area may increase the odds of creating connections with these businesses and will generate referral business down the line. Also blogging about the great entertainment, food/drink and leisure activities around the areas in which you sell real estate will draw them to choose you over other agents.

3) Décor and Interior Design Pieces

When working as a real estate agent you will end up working with many different types of people which includes professional decorators and designers. This is a perfect opportunity to learn and relay information to potential leads about top trends and new styles through a blog. Readers will be very interested about the newest style or type of furnishings for their homes and you’ll be able to drive leads to your website by posting blogs containing keywords about décor and design.

4) Spotlight Up and Coming Neighbourhoods

A blog post containing information about an up and coming area in which you offer real estate is a great way to make readers and potential leads feel as if they are getting the most current information available in the industry.  Many times people will use search engines to try to find an area of real estate that will potentially grow in the future, by posting this type of information companies improve their SEO. Blogs based on this material ensures your website will come up more often than people who do not post this content and prospects will call you because you have given them valuable information.

5) Share Other Relevant Content

Sharing other content can help with lead generation because it allows for the reader to experience different types of blogs instead of the same old informative pieces of content. These informative blogs are important however when a website posts a variety of material it accomplishes a couple of things. One, different keywords appear more often in search engines so that SEO is improved. Two, readers are more engaged as they have a variety of topics that may interest them that they can read about on your site.

6) Photo Collection of Your Market

Visuals are a great way to capture people’s attention as they scroll and search online. Potential leads love looking at captivating photos of an agent’s previous sales and experience to gauge the capabilities of an agent.  Visuals with a brief description or explanation in a blog form allow for keyword searches within search engines and provide the reader with a thorough understanding of the agent’s work. A picture of happy and satisfied customers could generate referrals, demonstrate social proof and drive traffic to your website.

7)  Compile Favourite Recent Content

It is sometimes hard for a company to create and find new content to post every week or month. However, by creating a blog post which compiles and summarizes some of the recent content that you have posted requires little work and can be very engaging. This piece of content can also help improve SEO because it again posts some very critical keywords that will appear in many search engines.  An agent could post a monthly compilation of all their favourite material from that month or that quarter.

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