Successful Real Estate Agents: 7 Must Have Qualities

Successful real estate agents constantly think about the key things that set themselves apart from the rest. Industry experts have been examined to determine what leads to successful client/agent relationships. Successful real estate agents apply the following to their practice.

Successful Real Estate Agents Exhibit these Traits…

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1) Great Communication

This is important in any field but especially in the real estate industry. Usually the option to buy or sell is time sensitive so being a great communicator can help reassure your clients. By constantly updating them they will be able to understand their current situation. This confidence that they know exactly where they stand will increase their confidence in you as an agent. Clients are often frustrated with their agents because they do not know what is going on.

2) Be Proactive

Communication is a key component when being proactive and it is important to talk with current clients. It is equally important to chase new leads and ask for referrals. Brian Buffini has built up a huge referral network which has lead to massive success. By being proactive about your lead generation you can ensure that you will always have prospects. Informing current and prospective clients about your services and promotions is important to being proactive.

3) Great Listeners

This concept is again linked to communication and is very important to clients. Clients will often be weary of agents who talk too much and do not listen to their needs. By letting your client speak and actively listening to them it again involves them in the process of buying or selling. They feel more confident in your ability to serve them and you as an agent gain valuable insight. Phil Soper believes that communication through active listening is one of the most important leadership tools.

4) Adapt to Clients Needs

All clients are different and because of this it is important to be able to adapt your style to fit their needs. Some like to communicate through the phone while others prefer emails. By changing your style to fit your client you will be able to better relate with them. This will make it easier to communicate ideas and information between the two of you.

5) Don’t be Afraid to Provide References

Providing references of previous clients can establish you as a credible agent. This does not mean give references of your greatest deals. Instead it is better to provide the most recent successes and clients as references. This will give your client peace of mind that you have a track record for success.

6) Know Why the Customer is Selling

Successful real estate agents will think about why a customer is selling. This could be for a number of reasons like selling to buy or selling an investment property. It is also good to determine if the house has any sort of sentimental value to the seller. By determining why they are selling you can better relate to them and adapt your style to fit these reasons.

7) Know your Clients Timeframe

Determining the clients expected timeframe can help with client/agent relations. If as an agent you can establish this then you can determine the urgency of your client. If they are in a hurry this is good to know because then you are expected to make a deal quickly. If they are not you may have more time to shop around and get a better deal.

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John Muirhead, Royal LePage Meadowtowne Realty, Mississauga, ON

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  1. Such a great blog i have found there.. I appreciate for sharing this informative article with us !! These tips are truly fact about qualities successful real estate agents.the role of Real estate agents are too important and fully responsible. They should know about all of the current market rates and about properties. Good Job !!

  2. Thanks for the post Basim! I learned a lot about Real Estate Agents! I really liked how you said that,”Communication is a key component when being proactive and it is important to talk with current clients. It is equally important to chase new leads and ask for referrals.”. I have never hired a real estate agent before but hopefully this article can help me find one.

  3. James Gomez

    Thank you very much for all the information you share…It is very relevant and helpful.

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