6 Images That Evoke Emotional Responses

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Did you know the human brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text? What we see has a profound effect on what we do, how we feel, and what we remember. Psychologist Albert Mehrabian demonstrated that 93% of communication is non-verbal. Thanks to millions of years of evolution, we are genetically wired to respond differently to visuals than text.

But you may be wondering, how does the power of visuals exactly apply to marketing and business?

Back in the mid-90s, the majority of people were ready to write-off Amazon and other online retailers on the basis that they simply weren’t willing to buy any merchandise without touching it first. Fast forward 20 years and global B2C e-commerce sales are expected to reach $1.5 trillion this year! One of the major factors that helps potential buyers take a leap of faith are the images you use to market yourself and your business.

The next question you may be asking is this: what kind of images should be using to promote your products of services? As with all forms of art, preferences tend to be highly subjective. What may appeal to online slots for money one person may not resonate with another. However, science suggests that there are certain categories of images that are more likely to evoke profound emotional responses than others.

To dig deeper, we put together a collection of psychological theories that reveal the power of visuals. In addition to brightening your day, we hope to provide you with a sense of direction for your next marketing campaign.

1) Portraits


From the moment we are born, we are predisposed to focus our attention on human faces. In a study conducted by Robert Franz, a renowned psychologist, newborn babies spent twice as long looking at an image of a human face as they did at an image of a bulls-eye!

This innate tendency continues throughout childhood and into our adult lives, since it facilitates our ability to connect with others in the social world. The ability to see others’ faces also enables us to determine whether we can trust them or not. No wonder FACEbook is the most powerful social media platform!

At ColourTech, we were one of the first companies to recognize the power of photo business cards for a reason – it is your first chance to leave an impression!

2) Babies


Babies elicit some of our strongest emotional responses by instantly drawing our attention. This innate response is universal across cultures, and can be attributed to baby schema, a set of features such as large, wide eyes, high foreheads, tiny noses, round and chubby cheeks, and soft and plump bodies. When we come across these characteristics, the nucleus accumbens, a part of our brains involved in the processing of motivation, pleasure, reward and reinforcement, instantly becomes activated. The result: a huge surplus of the “happy” hormone, dopamine!

Make your potential buyers happy instantly by using pictures of babies in your next campaign. Let us show you how!

3) Animals


You’ll agree that the “cute appeal” definitely doesn’t end with babies. There are a few explanations as to what draws our interest to animals proposed by different psychologists. One theory suggests that it may be an evolutionary glitch – since baby animals share similar baby schema attributes, while another theory favours the idea that in the past, forming advantageous bonds or feeling fondness towards animals allowed us survive. In addition, some psychologists propose that it is the deep-rooted instinct of “nurturing” that attracts us to animals. Whatever the reason, it’s obvious that this fixation is embedded and isn’t going anywhere soon. Take advantage of cute animal photos for your next marketing campaigns. Perhaps include an adorable photo of your puppy at the dog park or maybe your kitten playing with a ball of yarn.

4) Inspiration


Visuals that elicit feelings of inspiration can have a powerful psychological impact. Inspiration plays a vital role in our lives. When we see pictures of others overcoming their limitations, it shows us that we can too. In doing so, it motivates us to accomplish our goals, increase our productivity, and improve our well-being. For your next campaign, go ahead and dig up photos of you overcoming your limitations – it could be the first-time you went skydiving, rock-climbing, or simply winning a competition. Not only will it grab their attention right away, but it will trigger intrigue and pave the way for a captivating conversation with your next client!

Contact us to learn how you can incorporate eye-catching designs and formulate an effective campaign around your inspirational photos!

5) Nostalgia


The power of a picture to remind us of our past memories can be truly touching. In this case, pictures can speak much more than a thousand words. Research shows that we tend to feel nostalgic for past events that 1) were personally meaningful and 2) involved significant people in our lives, such as family, partners and friends.

When planning your next campaign, use photos that will elicit nostalgia. Since triggers for nostalgia are highly individual, getting a clear sense of your target audience is essential. For instance, if you are dealing with a demographic that has kids and it would be ideal to incorporate a photo of a parent teaching their child to ride a bike for the first time or dropping them off on their first day of school.

6) Expressions of Happiness


Browsing through images of happy faces has the power to instantly lift your mood or even put a smile on your face. Social psychologists call this the emotional contagion. How awesome is it to be able to send a postcard that instantly makes a client smile?

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