6 Effective Marketing Strategies For Real Estate Agents


1. Branding and Placement

Having consistent branding across all your marketing materials will allow you to constantly remind your networks about how you can help them. Most real estate agents do not do this, which is why when the time comes for your prospect to buy a home, no one is there. Having enough marketing materials will be their call to action to reach out to you.

2. Web & Online Presence

Your website and digital presence is a vehicle to capture leads. Over 90% of buyers begin their home search online, which is why it’s critical that your online presence preempts the competition. Many agents neglect this, and lose out on the potential sales they could have had. There are large communities on social media, and millions of conversations. There are people waiting to be served.

3. Presentation

There’s plenty of opportunity to showcase your skills through seminars and open houses, and yet many agents fail to do so. Plan and prepare for upcoming events to further engage your prospects. When there are many people, you’ll build social proof. 70% of consumers buy from a trusted source, and having your prospects and past clients at events will give you more credibility. As a speaker you will also establish yourself as an expert in your field, which grows your buying audience.

4. Content and Blogging

Having precise content is the key to driving effective marketing campaigns. With the constant development of content, your leads will increase. As soon as you have 311 indexed pages on Google, your leads will increase by 286% on average. This is where most agents fall short, as they don’t take action with the necessary steps.

5. Referral System

Having a referral system in place will make it easier for clients and friends to refer you business. Most of the time, your networks want to support you, however they’re simply not trained to qualify your prospects. This is important so that no one’s time is wasted. This approach needs to be consistent across all marketing channels.

6. Collect Leads

Having an online process in place to collect leads is essential, and even more so your “opt-in system” needs to follow best practices. Having the right content and call to action will encourage prospects to take the first step.

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  1. kyp michailidis

    as i am in my upcoming days of finishing my real estate course i would like to know 2 of the best direct marketing strategies of marketing myself as a salesperson

    • Basim Mirza

      Hi Kyp, it’s always best to separate strategy from tactics. Strategy requires execution. The #1 strategy I would look at is “Position Yourself as an Expert”, by delivering content to your ideal prospects you can attract lots of qualified leads. Ever thought about putting together a well researched report? Maybe an e-book? These are excellent ways to build yourself as an expert to your networks. The #2 strategy has to be “Target Specific Neighborhoods”, as this is the best way to run localized campaigns. You can have a drip approach by having printed materials sent to your prospect’s door step. The key here is to have precision with your targeting (something which our team is great at), that way you’re not wasting your resources!

  2. This is a solid list in my opinion. I’ve spent the last couple years working on real estate marketing, and I can tell you as great as this list is, the key is integrating it altogether. More than just producing quality content that makes you sound like a savvy realtor, you want the blog and social media content to be engaging and timely content so that you can effectively distribute this content to your referral network and leads.

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