5 Marketing Musts For Canada Day

Canada Day is an extraordinary opportunity to reconnect with your Canadian Spirit. It’s a chance for people to come together, unite, and celebrate. It’s also a way for businesses to serve your clients and give them a reason to participate in your marketing promotion. More often than not, businesses fail to connect with their audiences on a personal level, and hence, fail to get to know their potential prospects as human beings. Canada Day is the perfect way to build this intrinsic value! However, you must have the right approach. Otherwise, you may not get any visibility, or even worse, receive a negative response. Listed below, we present 5 key components of an effective Canada Day marketing promotion to enhance the experience for your prospects and make them smile!

1. Give Something Physical

You automatically grab people’s attention when they receive a postcard in the mail before Canada Day. You can automate this process using the https://hummingbirdhammocks.com/ we provide for our clients. Again, you’re not using this exposure to promote yourself, but more so to establish a personal connection. This is why you must include a greeting that’s relevant to the Canada Day spirit.

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2. Go The Extra Mile

Instead of trying to sell your products or services, present your prospects and clients with something that they will value tremendously. Give away something as a gift! Food is always a great place to start. Canadians love to eat, especially during Canada Day. Place some sort of a gift card or a coupon that make sense for the promotion. The act of giving goes a long way! It also creates reciprocity. You can also work with a partner company (a restaurant) to run an effective promotion. A great example of a company that does this profitably is The Mandarin. They have been extremely successful during Canada Day with their promotions and are known for giving away free buffets on July 1st every year. Imagine all the loyal customers they gain in the process! Be creative. What can you give?


3. Host an Event

There’s no better way to establish relationships than meeting in person. This will require time and planning on your part, and involve an early invitation. Again, relevancy is key! BBQ’s are perfect because people are looking for things to do during the day, as well as make new friends. Again, this ties in really well with the “Free Food” concept.


4. Consider The Entire Family

Rather than focussing on specific individuals, how can you involve the entire family? The occasion is an opportunity for families to be together, which is why your branding and message should be consistent with that philosophy.

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5. Plan Ahead

When you plan your campaigns in advance, you’re being proactive, instead of reactive. This way, you’ve integrated your Canada Day message within your campaigns. When you visualize your campaign on a calendar, it becomes much easier to plan for it. Not only is this helpful with saving you time, but the end recipient has a much more remarkable experience with your marketing.

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