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It seems totally 20th Century. With text messages, emails, Facebook posts and Tweets, why would anyone use postal mail to reach out to their clients?

Because research shows that people consider direct mail to be 3 times more trustworthy than social media or email. Depending on what you are trying to accomplish, it can be extremely effective, according to Marketing Maven Mark Satterfield, author of The One Week Marketing Plan.

Let’s begin with the response rate for unsolicited messages. “Direct mail responses vary, but anything from 0.5 to 2 percent is considered great,” explains Satterfield. “For unsolicited email marketing, a good response rate is 0.01 percent.” Furthermore, research reveals that physical media, such as a paper letters, postcards, brochures and flyers online casinos australia for real money, leave a much greater impression on the brain than electronic media does. “So you have a higher chance that your promotion will be acted on.”

There’s also a better chance it will stand out from the crowd. “Even in consumer marketing, the volume of mail people receive every day has dropped dramatically,” Satterfield says. “So we’re seeing that even an oversized postcard with an intriguing call to action has very good responses.”

With all these benefits, a direct mail campaign is a phenomenal strategy to implement any time you’re looking to increase sales or find new customers. However, Satterfield points out certain circumstances where direct mail is exceptionally effective:

1) Reaching High-Level Decision-Makers

Direct mail is a targeted tactic. You choose your audience by geography, demographics, and position, which allows you to reach out to important decision-makers. Email marketing, on the other hand, never works for this demographic, as their spam filters are so restricted that you have a zero chance of getting through when you send unsolicited email. Conversely, if you send a direct mail piece that appears to be business correspondence, you are much more likely to attract their attention.

2) Introductions

Are you new to a neighbourhood or an industry? A direct mail marketing piece is a wonderful way to grab people’s attention in an overwhelming marketplace. The right marketing materials with compelling graphics and design sent out physically are much more likely to trigger a response compared to the thousands of ads online. Studies show that if a direct mail piece looks interesting, then 89% of Canadians will open it. Direct mail is also excellent for education-based marketing, such as reports and booklets.

3) A Targeted Audience

As opposed to email marketing, direct mail can be targeted quite strategically. You can target your ideal market by postal code, the associations they belong to, or their professions. If you have developed personas for your target market (and if you haven’t, you should), you can create campaigns targeting those people.

This is also a very cost-effective approach. Because direct mail is so targeted, you spend less time and money blanketing entire markets and crossing your fingers. For instance, if tight targeting for direct mail has produced a list of only 100 people who truly fit your target client profile, and your direct mail item costs $0.75 a piece, then you can reach that market for only $75 plus the cost of buying the list.

The best marketing strategy is to pair digital marketing campaigns with direct mail. When you add Direct Mail to a multimedia campaign, results increase by over 20%. Contact our friendly, experienced and knowledgeable Customer Service Representatives at 1-800-410-4510 to develop your successful marketing plan today.

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