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Last week was Black Friday in the United States (and in some retail outlets in Canada as well). Drones of people stampeded through stores, to buy the perfect gift for their loved ones. If you made it out in one … Full Article, Client Gift, Marketing

Magnets: Still Holding Strong

When you think of the word magnet, what comes to mind? I Googled “magnet” to see what came up; Wikipedia had quite an interesting explanation, full of details most of us had trouble understanding way back in high school. If … Continue reading

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Appreciation Is Inspiring…

This week we have a special blog post featuring a wonderful testimonial from a Colour Tech customer. When I received this testimonial, it was very humbling to read. Lynn Carter is a pleasure to work with and we, as a … Continue reading

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Remembrance Day

During my commuting years to Toronto, each day would find me racing like greased lightning through Union Station to catch my train.  Life was so structured back then…my entire schedule was thrown off if I missed it and had to … Continue reading

Remembrance Day

An Unforgettable Gift – Part 2

Our blog post from this past summer featured a wonderful testimonial from Murray Burns, a REALTOR who strongly believes in the effectiveness of our Magnetic Calendars. Many of our customers feel the same way. Giving an existing or potential client … Continue reading

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Canada’s Capital continued…

In the previous blog entry, I discussed my upcoming trip to Ottawa. I am back, and I have some great stories to tell! Instead of writing about them all, I will let my pictures do the talking in the above … Continue reading

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