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Proud To Be Canadian

Many of you know that Colour Tech is a Canadian owned company but you’re probably not aware of the diversity within its walls. With a dozen or more different cultures among staff, each day brings a uniquely different flair to … viagra super p-force

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Rate Your Business Card!

Recently, I was emailed a link to a YouTube video of a gentleman speaking about how “your” business card is crap (the actual title of the video, not my words). He brings up some interesting points, in a no-holds-barred … Continue reading

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Just The Two Of Us – Happy Fathers Day

I think I’ve always known how special my Dad is. It’s not something I’ve learned to appreciate over the years because, quite simply, I knew from an early age. Circumstances set the basis for my appreciation and time has made … Continue reading

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Just a Tad Smaller

The traditional business card is 3.5” X 2” in size. Over the years, new ways continue to emerge to make this card more creative. A previous post I wrote discussed merging online marketing with print marketing. Streamlined messages, especially on … Continue reading

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Doing Our Part

Quick, what’s the colour of the first letter in Colour Tech’s corporate logo?  Well, if you didn’t already know it, it’s green…which is highly appropriate especially since the company has been part of an aggressive Green Initiative for some time … Continue reading

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