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International Pay It Forward Day – Small Change, Big Difference

We don’t always appreciate a gift the moment we receive it.  Whether tangible or intangible, it sometimes takes the passage of time or a change in circumstances to realize that someone took the time to make a difference in your … Continue reading

Pay it Forward

Can We Talk?

Aaah, computers, machines, they’re all wonderful, aren’t they?  But they most definitely have their place and, in my opinion, it’s not as part of a conversation.  I’m sure you’ve noticed when you pick up the phone to call Colour Tech … Continue reading

Personalized, Real Estate

Increase Your Position in the Market

Photos – Part 3: Getting a new client is based on building a relationship with that person.  A professionally taken business portrait is a great place to start this process.  It will automatically portray to your client(s) a “snapshot” of … Continue reading

Personalized, Photos