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What is a good photo?

Photos – Part 2: When creating your printed marketing materials, you must achieve numerous objectives to effectively advertise your product or service in order to maximize the value of your dollar spent.  One of the most important aspects often underemphasized …, Personalized, Photos, Real Estate

Can I be Candid?

Photos – Part 1 With tiny pocket and smart phone cameras, who among us doesn’t have a wide array of candid snapshots? But are they really the stuff that business cards are made of? Sure, they’re close at hand and … Continue reading

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Who’s on First?

It is a wonderful time of the year for Canadians, with spring finally on the way.  This is the time when most of us begin to venture outdoors. Outdoor activities are slowly beginning to buzz like our friends the bumblebees.  … Continue reading

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QR Code…huh???

The first time I saw a QR code, was on the menu at a restaurant. So, being very curious, I scanned the code with my smart phone and within seconds I was viewing the nutritional values of the meals.  What … Continue reading, Real Estate, Social Media

“Where’s Margaret?”

“Where’s Margaret ?” That’s a question we are asked frequently when people call or when they drop in. “Is Margaret here?” Well the answer is simply this. Our Founder is not here on a daily basis but she is still … Continue reading

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Death of a Pen…

Random words force colour onto the drab streets of a glass and concrete jungle. Letters strung together with the artistic swirl of an aerosol create feelings and reactions, be they good or bad. Someone once said ‘the handwriting is on … Continue reading

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