How to Effectively Include Visuals in Your Proposal Presentation

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Presentations and proposals can be the most critical components of a real estate agent’s closing process. It is important to stand out from all of the other agents in the market and demonstrate a unique competitive advantage. Visuals are a remarkable way to foster relationships and build understanding with your prospects. Below we outline four ways to create presentations with appealing visuals to impress your prospects and maximize your closing rates.

Present Info Clearly and Briefly

Can you remember the last billboard you came across? Typically, a viewer only has a few seconds to process the information and identify the message. Therefore, anything that you present as a visual must be clear and straight to the point. Excessive clutter can be confusing and will ultimately dilute your call to action. A clear and striking picture, message or statistic will leave your prospect thinking about your presentation – even after it is done!

Choose Your Image Wisely

It is important to put deliberate planning into the images that you wish to use during your presentation as they need to communicate your message effectively. Sometimes a statistic will demonstrate an idea more clearly, whereas during other times, an image will do the job. It is important to ensure that the image is not copied from a regulated source and must be of high resolution and quality. Some agents choose to take photos themselves or hire professional photographers to capture their vision.

Typography Matters

Keep in mind that the position, amount, size and font of text do matter. If there is any text in your visuals, make sure it is consistent with the rest of the visual. Believe it or not, it is very easy to tell when text is just thoughtlessly thrown onto an image! Hence, do not underestimate the power of meticulous typography.

Symbols and Information

Adding symbols, logos and information to your visuals can not only capture the attention of prospects, but it can also increase your credibility throughout the presentation. People are attracted to logos and symbols, and associate these triggers with certain brands. Captivating logos and visuals can add to your brand and establish you as an expert within your industry.

At Colour Tech, we have experienced customer service representatives who can offer personalized marketing services and marketing programs that will help you become successful. This can save you time and will allow you to focus on your business, while we take care of your marketing needs. Contact us today for a complimentary marketing consultation.


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Laminated Printing: The Many Benefits and Uses

laminated printing

Many times business cards and important information will get damaged or lost. Stains, spills and smudges can affect your print advertising. Lamination encloses and bonds printed materials between two pieces of clear plastic film. This transparent film adds strength and protection, which extends the life of the final product. It also enhances the appearance of printing by deepening and brightening the ink colours. Laminating your business card or displays will help you stand out.

The Primary Benefits of Lamination

Lamination adds durability to prevent tearing and resist stains and smudges. It is available in matte or gloss. Many customers insist lamination increases the durability of a product. In addition, laminated materials create a more professional impression to capture the attention of prospects. Other key features of lamination include:

  • Element of strength and stiffness to the product
  • Great first impression and perceived value
  • Transparency that does not impair text or visuals
  • Reasonable cost and saves you money over time

Popular Uses for Lamination

Here are some of the most popular uses for lamination:

  • Price Listings
  • Maps or Home Listing Brochures
  • Training Materials
  • Membership Cards and Business Cards

Lamination can also apply to outdoor materials:

  • Signage and directions
  • Parking for clients
  • Summer tradeshow material

Lamination enhances the appearance of printing used for promotional purposes. You’ll find a difference in quality with:

  • Table Displays
  • Sales Presentation Materials
  • Sales and Industry Fact Sheets
  • Showroom and Trade Show Materials
  • Pocket Folders and Book Covers

Prepare for your busy and successful summer in real estate with the best printing materials. We understand the benefits and uses of Laminated Printing. We at Colour Tech Marketing Inc. are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality personal promotion products in the shortest time frame at the best possible price. Contact us today for a complimentary marketing consultation.

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Janet Fahmi, Hearth & Home Realty Inc., Burlington, ON

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Home Sales in the Spring: 3 Tips Real Estate Agents Can Share With Their Clients

Have you ever wondered what steps your clients need to take selling your home after the winter? There are a few things to consider if you want to sell your home this spring. The spring and summer time are a very busy time for real estate agents. Therefore it is important to make sure that your clients get their homes in the best condition. This will help attract maximum interest and hopefully sell your home faster. Here are some basic tips you can print out and hand to your clients:

home spring

Clean It Out

Go through your entire house and make an assessment. People are very attracted to a tidy and organized house. The first step is to remove the things that clutter your home and the things you don’t want to keep in your next move. Choose a designated place to put this stuff away, and go through the rest of your house. The change in weather from winter to summer means that you can put away all your heavy outerwear. You’ll be happy to have less to pack on moving day and your house will be more appealing to potential buyers. A garage sale is also a great way to get rid of some things that you may not need or want anymore.

Fix Things Up

Determine what house maintenance you need before you sell. Repairs may be needed to pass a home inspection. It is better to take care of these issues right away! This will make it easier when you are ready to sell and will improve your sales opportunities. Simple repairs are also worth the effort that they take. Painting shutters, replacing the broken banister rail and patching up the walls will provide a return. This helps with creating the right impression on the first visit.

Think like a Potential Buyer

This is a hard step because we love our homes and generally assume others will like them as much as us. Accept that potential buyers have different tastes. You may also consider hiring a house staging professional who can objectively determine what needs to change from a design perspective. Consider basic staging techniques such as removing clutter as mentioned above. It is also beneficial to put away personal items like photos and trophies as well as cleaning your house thoroughly. It is also important that your house smells good to eliminate pet and food odors. Make the entrance to your home attractive, and add character to your backyard to make it more appealing. Buyers pay attention to these!

At Colour Tech, we have experienced customer service representatives who can offer personalized marketing services and marketing programs. This can save you time and will allow you to focus on your business, while we take care of your marketing needs. Contact us today for a complimentary marketing consultation.

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Ken Forbes, The Real Estate Giant, Remax Advantage Realty Ltd., London, ON

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Increasing The Effectiveness of Your Listings Presentation

There is a very famous saying that reads “a picture is worth a thousand words,” this is very true in the world of Real Estate. According to Hubspot it has been recorded that human beings process visuals 60,000 times faster than text. This is why social media outlets like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are almost all visuals. People are attracted to these images and better remember the information that these images contain.

visual communication

People today are easily distracted and their attention spans are very short. Therefore it is important both to capture interest and communicate effectively throughout your presentations. As sales representatives and agents, we have seconds compared to minutes to convey a compelling message. This initial presentation and first impression will help people make a decision that is in their best interest. Visuals, but not just any visuals certain types of visuals will allow you to do this in the best way possible. Here are some tips on how to properly tailor your listings presentation with visuals:

 1) Beauty Doesn’t Ensure Effectiveness

There are a lot of beautifully designed listing presentations and a lot of the times these visuals do not work. The purpose is to both capture the attention but more importantly to give potential prospects information. Beauty alone will not increase your listing presentation results and you need to be sure that the right information is given within your visuals.

 2) Use Charts and Graphs

Incorporating charts, graphs and high quality images into your presentation will help you communicate a message. These images are used as a way to communicate information in far less time than text and even a conversation. Sometimes a huge advantage about yourself or your business can be shown in some sort of graph or chart. Potential prospects will remember what makes separates you as an agent. For example you may want to show what your close rate is compared to other agents. Do this with a graph or chart.

3) Incorporate Comparative Visuals

However the real power of visuals is to influence and help people make a decision. Therefore you need to sway their belief. This can be done as mentioned above by incorporating contrasting or comparative visuals into your presentation. These visuals will show a very compelling message to your audience and prompt them to take action. For example instead of just saying that staging is important in the process of selling a home you can show them a before and after picture.

There are many ways to use visuals to your advantage as an agent. However above are some of the most successful ways to increase your results. We at Colour Tech are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality personal promotion products in the shortest time frame at the best possible price. Contact us today for a complimentary marketing consultation.

“The Colour Tech group is very interested in making sure their clients are happy and satisfied. It has been great working with them.”

Cathy Lancia, Re/max North Country Realty Inc., Haliburton, ON



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Lead Generating Strategies for Todays Market

Canada’s real estate markets are very diverse to say the least and it’s an interesting time in real estate. One of the keys to your success today will be in identifying which lead generating strategies are effective in your current market.

Busy people

Tougher market conditions often require a different approach to lead generation. According to Richard Robbins there are 10 strategies that the most successful agents use to generate leads today, these are listed below:

1) Reach Out to Your Database

Focus on your sphere of influence and referrals. Call, email, text or message everyone in your database and offer a complimentary market evaluation. This evaluation is valuable to people within your database and can offer you insights about potential prospects. This could help identify who may be interested in selling or buying at this time.

2) Get Social

Create a compelling, branded image that offers anyone a complimentary market evaluation. Post it on your social media platforms with instructions on how to request your services. Social Media is used more and more and people trust what comes up on their news feeds.

3) Increase Your Prospecting Efforts

Make sure you are delivering value in every conversation you have. Then comes the time to ramp up your prospecting efforts and increase your face time with potential buyers and sellers. Make sure to diversify your prospecting effort from client events to telephone prospecting and open houses.

4) Get Involved in Your Community

Join local organizations or volunteer somewhere in your community. Sponsor a kid’s team and attend the games, participate in charity drives, recycle events, coordinate a community garage sale, or a neighbourhood watch program. Getting involved and giving back is a simple way to get your name out there as a person of character and values.

5) Build Strategic Alliances

Create mutually beneficial relationships with stagers, mortgage brokers, lenders, home inspectors, credit councillors, bankruptcy trustees, real estate lawyers, bankers, builders, contractors, and local businesses. These relationships can help not only you but all parties involved and people will be more open to give you business and referrals.

6) Create a Analytics Based Email Campaign

People love stats and facts and more clients will read emails on market stats (especially in a challenging market) than any other email. Create charts, graphs or a visual grid of the key market stats clients need to know. Send out by email monthly or more frequently if there is a change in the market. Consider offering the Market Update on your website to capture email subscribers. This again offers value to people within your network.

7) Develop Your Script

Practice and internalize your prospecting dialogues, listing presentation, buyer presentation, showing property questions, price reduction and objection handling sales scripts. Changing your words will ultimately devalue what your message is so you must be focused when the time comes.

8) Set a No Goal

Block 2 or 3 hours of undisturbed time per day to prospect for new business. Your success will be determined by how many new leads you can generate. Lead generation is nothing more than a numbers game. The more people you talk to, the more leads you can find. You are going to get a lot of no’s, but stay committed to the process and some are going to say yes! Do not leave work until you have reached your goal.

9) Follow Up

All of your prospecting efforts are lost if you don’t follow up. Never miss calling or contacting a lead in a timely fashion after you have made the connection. You could add more deals to your business with fast and better lead follow up.

10) Constantly Ask For Business

Ask everyone if they know someone who may be interested in buying or selling real estate. Also ask if they would be comfortable referring you to assist them. Ask the questions, and be unattached to the outcome. Your business depends on putting yourself out there and capturing as much business as you can. The more deals you ask for and close the more credible you will be as an agent.

We at Colour Tech are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality personal promotion products in the shortest time frame at the best possible price. Contact us today for a complimentary marketing consultation.

“I use Colour Tech because I get what I want in terms of quality and price, and don’t have to worry about details. Continue your focus on excellence.”
Fred Crockett, Royal LePage Burloak RES, Burlington, ON

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Social Media Tips for Real Estate Agents

These social media tips for real estate agents will get you ready and loaded for your next campaign!

social media tips for real estate agents

The internet and social media have made a huge impact on how agents or sales representatives connect with their clients. It seems that almost everyone we know is plugged into social media somehow or another. It is reported that Facebook has more than one billion users, YouTube has more than 800 million users, Twitter and Instagram each have nearly 300 million users and Pinterest has more than 70 million users. Businesses across all industries are finding ways to use social media within their marketing strategies.

However, social media is more than a way to build your brand. It’s also a smart way to stay in contact with your clients and emphasize your experience in the field. Here are some expert social media tips for agents and sales reps. We’ve went ahead and compiled social media tips for real estate agents.

Our Social Media Tips For Real Estate Agents…

1) Provide value

Regardless of which social media site you use, it is important to ensure that what you’re posting is valuable to your clients. Posting valuable content will keep your clients and followers engaged. Look for interesting real estate related articles that offer tips for buyers and sellers or information about mortgages. You may also want to promote your own events as well as articles about events in your local area. If you do have a blog then make sure you are regularly updating and posting new content to your audience. It is also important to share your blog throughout Twitter and Facebook.

2) Include your clients

When you tag or mention your clients in your posts on social media you’re helping to expose your business to the people in their networks. This also gives the client a feeling of importance and special treatment. When you close a transaction, take a photo of your clients or the home and post it to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or even LinkedIn (with their permission of course.) This could allow you access to their networks and may prompt potential buyers and sellers from their networks to contact you.

3) Keep the medium in mind

Each social media site contains different features. For example, you wouldn’t want to post a written article to Pinterest. Adapt your posts to where you’re posting them. Facebook is perfect for longer text and news articles. Pinterest is ideal for images and Twitter is for short blurbs of text or links to a certain landing page.

4) Encourage your clients to share your posts

The more interesting or engaging your posts are the more likely your network is to share it with their connections. Make sure to always ask clients to share your posts and be sure to thank your clients and connections when they share it. This as mentioned will give you access to their networks and get your brand as a sales rep positively promoted.

Social media is often confusing. With so many social media sites, it can be difficult to know what to post where. The value that social media can bring you as a real estate agent or sales rep is unmatched. Use these sites to offer value and promote your business. Imagine if you had access to the vast networks of Facebook and Instagram. This would make prospecting and selling a lot easier.

We at Colour Tech are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality personal promotion products in the shortest time frame at the best possible price. We’ve also got an amazing in house digital marketing team that’s ready to look at our social media needs. Contact us today for a complimentary marketing consultation, and if you liked these social media tips for real estate agents, ask us about our social media and digital marketing program.

“Thanks for your hard work!!! The service has been outstanding.”
Betty Glumac, Maxwell Capital Realty, Calgary, AB

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Lead Generation, It’s Simple and Valuable!

If you’re in one of Canada’s larger city centers or busier real estate markets chances are you face some common problems. Maybe you are currently dealing with a shortage of inventory or even an overpriced listing. These markets are highly competitive so for the most part agents face competing offers. Some agents overlook cheaper and easier ways to tap into their markets and optimize their lead generation. This can be highly valuable to agents as they face problems in busier and larger markets.


Here are 5 ways to get the word out and help your buyers get closer to finding the home they desire. These tips will help you with your lead generation:

1) Blogging

This is a powerful platform used to promote specific homes that buyers are looking for. For instance a hot new condominium project may be listed on your blog and sent out to a certain target market. From here they will be prompted to contact you. You can blog about all of the qualities your buyers are looking for in a home, but try to be as specific as possible. Consider including information about your potential buyers to engage people and motivate them to want to contact you. Often online a call to action can be added in the form of a hyperlink that directs potential buyers to your contact information. Blogging is the new way that people are engaged in your business and can generate new business leads.

2) Social Media

This is another excellent way to get the word out on what your buyers are looking for. Post your buyers dream home or targeted content on sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. On these sites people can repost and share content throughout their own personal networks. Many people are engaged more than ever through social media and again agents can connect with their potential buyers. Many businesses and agents have business pages on Facebook. Potential leads can access contact information and their personal websites which brings them more business.

3) An E-Flyer

This on the other hand is a great visual to share with your entire network. You can even send these to other agents within your professional networks. It can be even more effective if you include some information about your potential buyers to really connect with them. Often agents will send out an E-Flyer with a visual and promotion at certain times of the year like holidays. This will also help with lead generation.

4) Reach Out

Sometimes people slip through our fingertips and it is hard when we hear of a past lead signing a deal with another agent. To avoid this it is important to follow up on all of your past leads from the last 12 to 24 months. These people are some of your best potential clients and even if they are not in the market they may know someone who is. These people already have a connection with you and they will therefore be more open to working with you or referring others.

5) Prospecting

The act of prospecting is still one of the most effective ways to generate business and find new leads. You can reach out by phone, door knock, or even just meet people everywhere you go. The idea that an agent should always be prospecting is not new to real estate. An agent should always have a business card and be willing to give out or get contact information at all times.

There are many different ways to generate new leads with little cost to you. Listed above are some tips that may help generate new business for you into the future. A key to success is lead generation.

We at Colour Tech are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality personal promotion products in the shortest time frame at the best possible price. Contact us today for a complimentary marketing consultation.


“No surprises when ordering from Colour Tech, more importantly, the turnaround time is quick and reliable. If you can have the best, why bother with the rest?”
Tom Lebour, Royal LePage Real Estate Services Ltd., Mississauga, ON


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Buy A Home-Reasons Why People Buy

There are many reasons that people choose to buy depending on the area or the type of home they are looking for. According to Royal LePage there are some common reasons why people buy. Real estate agents should keep these reasons in mind so that they are able to relate with their potential prospects. Understanding the reasons that people buy is important when converting leads into clients and eventually commissions. Some of the top reasons people buy are listed below:

buy house

For an Investment

Generally the price of real estate increases every year, therefore purchasing real estate is one of the safest investments a person can make. Houses and real estate for the most part appreciate in value so they are often a good investment. Once you own one house you may also be in a financial position to buy another and rent one out. This rental income can pay residuals for years to come.

To Stop Renting

Why contribute to someone else’s expenses when you could be paying off your own home? It is now easier than ever to own a home because of all the financing options available. With the current market increase in rent it can sometimes be cheaper to own than it is to rent. The peace of mind in owning your own home can be something that is unmatched by renting.


The security knowing that you own your home and it cannot be sold out from under you. If a person is renting and the owners change then they could find themselves faced with an unreasonable increase in rent. These increases could continue indefinitely so the investors can make more money. Sometimes sections of cities will be sold to developers without consulting the renting residents of these areas.

Low Interest Rates

Right now there are some great interest rates which will help you get into home ownership. It is a great time to get into the market and lock into a really good interest rate to build equity.


One of the biggest reasons people buy properties is the pride of saying they own their own home. Ownership is an accomplishment, even just a small house or an apartment can be very rewarding and ownership has its perks.


As mentioned above one of the best things about owning a home is that you are building equity. People can then borrow against the equity they have built in their home. Building equity is a great way to more financial freedom and less reliance on financial institutions.


Owning your own home means that people never have to answer to roommates or landlords. A person will gain much more independence and privacy when they have their own property. This privacy is something that drives people to move out and buy their own home. Privacy is a key catalyst to why people decide to own their own home.


People are free to do what they want in their own home, whether they want to paint the walls or refinish the floors. A person has the freedom to express themselves and their personal tastes and change the house to suit their needs. Hang as many pictures as they want and do renovations as desired. Potential clients are also drawn to the fact that they can sell at any time and use the equity to move anywhere.

Sense of Community

Owning a house gives the owner a feeling of belonging in that area and gives the sense of putting down roots and getting established. Often people will buy a home in order to settle down. From here they can begin to explore the entertainment and social scene close to their home.

At Colour Tech, we have experienced customer service representatives who can offer personalized marketing services and marketing programs that will help you become successful. This can save you time and will allow you to focus on your business, while we take care of your marketing needs. Contact us today for a complimentary marketing consultation.

“Service and quality of product is exceptional. Would highly recommend Colour Tech – have been using them for 20 years and still very happy.”
Phyllis Lamont, Sutton Group Quantum Realty Inc., Mississauga, ON


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Negotiate Your Commissions, 5 Ways to Help You

Richard Robbins is a trainer that specializes in coaching and training leaders in the Real Estate industry. He is also CEO of his very own successful practice Richard Robbins International. He recently published a video on 5 ways to help agents through the negotiation process when dealing with commissions. He outlines some very helpful tips to help negotiate commissions. Here is a summary of the 5 tips that he outlines in the video:


1) Qualify Prospects

It is easier and more effective as an agent to focus on clients that are serious about buying or selling their home. If they are not serious or do not care when or if the transaction will go through then negotiating commission will become a greater issue. Robbins says that you should ask questions in order to understand the potential clients: why, time frame, expectations and most importantly ask if they are ready to move forward. Express ideas like net profit and say that you can show them exactly what they will make including your fair commission. This gives them a sense of value while they negotiate.

2) Have a Pre-appointment Process

This process again adds value to your sales pitch. Often times agents will have a clear understanding that before the meeting they must have a clear process to add value to themselves. Some agents have a pamphlet or a sales brochure that can be sent along to explain some things about the client’s needs. Then usually a phone call is made 24 hours in advance to pre-confirm the meeting. This again adds value to the client as you are personally confirming their meeting.

Once at the Appointment

3) Share Information that is New to a Client

This also adds value to the prospect. This can be done in many ways and truly sets you apart from other agents. Regardless of what you tell the client as fact you must back up what you say with evidence. Often an agent can add credibility to themselves by presenting information about the market. Other times an agent can be transparent with his closing rate or his “days in market.”  This is a great way to show what you bring to the table over your competitors while you negotiate.

4) Handle Objections about Commissions

Will they ask? Most likely when you are meeting with a client or prospect they will ask about your commission. They may ask you to cut your commission or threaten leaving for the competition. Stay strong. You have already offered and shown them how valuable you are. Express again your experience and knowledge within the field as their best fit for an agent. You know their why and have already connected with them so you can use that too. Again show what they will be making net including the commission you wish to receive.

5) Don’t be attached to the Outcome

If you have followed these steps and truly tried your best to close the sale then you should be satisfied. Don’t be attached to the outcome; be attached to what you did throughout your presentation. While the outcome is important mastering the pre-qualifying and pre-appointment process will yield you results. The most important thing is to show clients potential value from the service you will offer them. This will make it easier to negotiate your commissions.

At Colour Tech, we have experienced Customer Service Representatives who can offer personalized marketing services and marketing programs that will help you become successful. This can save you time and will allow you to focus on your business, while we take care of your marketing needs. Contact us today for a complimentary marketing consultation.






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