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Important Board Related Information Regarding Your Listings

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All correspondence will be via email from app@colourtech.com. Please adjust your mailbox options to ensure such emails are not sent to Junk/Bulk folders.

Property Photo Authorization

You authorize the use of photographs from your MLS and hold Colour Tech harmless for their use. The property photo sent with your data by TREB will be the primary photo and this will be included on your postcard. Because this is an Automated Postcard Program, Colour Tech is not responsible for the type of property photo that is included on your postcards but we will work with you.

Credit Card Authorization

Your credit card will be charged by Colour Tech for the custom design after you complete the online registration. Once you have received the Registration Confirmation email from us, your card will be charged whenever we receive data which results in the creation of a postcard. Data is received overnight so these charges occur outside of business hours. If a charge is to be voided or refunded, this will be done during business hours.

Maintain your Profile

You are responsible for maintaining a current and up-to-date profile. Failure to do so may result in postcards being distributed with incorrect information. Colour Tech will not be held liable for the aforementioned postcards in the event that the Agent failed to make changes to the account in sufficient time for them to take effect. Requested changes will apply to postcards created by our system after the change confirmation email has been issued.

Postcard Cancellation

All requests to cancel a postcard will be responded to via email. No assumptions should be made that the card will be stopped because a request has been submitted. While we try our best to accommodate these requests, this is an Automated Program and no guarantees will be made. Please see our FAQ page for details on how to submit a Postcard Cancellation Request.

Programme Cancellation

Cancellation of this programme must be submitted to app@colourtech.com - 30 days notice is required for a cancellation to take effect and during this time we may still send out cards that are in the system. Email confirmation will be provided when your account has been disabled.

Order Delivery

Colour Tech Marketing Inc. does not guarantee turnaround timeframes; however we generally print, address and mail your postcards within 48 hours of having all information necessary to create your postcard (excluding weekends and holidays).

Your postcards are deposited into the Canada Post Gateway facility in Mississauga, after which they become the responsibility of Canada Post. These mailings are addressed with the addresses generated based on your listing criteria. By registering for the Automated Postcard Program and subsequently placing an order, you agree that delivery to Canada Post fulfills our order obligations and you waive any right to dispute any related credit card charges because of delayed or non-delivery by Canada Post.

Our Services

We authorize you to access our website and use our services provided you consent to our Terms & Conditions. We do not make any representation or guarantee as to the results you might obtain while using our services. We cannot be held responsible for errors that may be found in the Multiple Listing Service information provided to us. We are not responsible for the accuracy of addresses provided by our third party address vendors nor are we responsible for delayed or non-delivery by Canada Post.

Colour Tech reserves the right to alter prices, terms and conditions of sale at any time at its' sole discretion and without prior notice.