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Toronto Real Estate Board Data Transfer Agreements should be renewed annually. This will be requested directly by TREB from your Broker. Failure to renew the DTA may result in the cessation of data to your Automated Postcard Program account.

Teams: The person in whose name the Data Transfer Agreement was submitted must be the Primary agent on all listings/sales.

Rural Listings: Please carefully review #25 below.

1) What is APP?
Automated Postcard Program. A Just Listed and Just Sold postcard program for Canadian Real Estate Agents and Brokers.
2) How do I sign up?
SIGN-UP HERE! Click on the link at the top of this page.
3) Why does it ask me for a password?
So that you can re-enter your APP account and make any changes that are necessary.
4) I can't log in to my account. Can you send me a new password?
Simply click on the Forgot/Lost Password link and an email will be sent to you with instructions.
5) I work as part of a team. Do all my team members have to register?
If you are part of a team, you should register as a team, however, only the Primary Listing Agents' TREB ID will be requested at the time of registration.
6) Why do you need my TREB ID?
Your listing data is extracted using your unique ID. This is how we obtain the MLS#, the address and the image of the Listing and/or Sale. The ID shown in the Registration Confirmation email must be the Primary ID used to enter the listing in order for our program to capture it under your APP profile.
7) What is a Tagline?
Your slogan!
8) What do you mean by 'Ad Partner'?
A Mortgage Broker who can co-advertise and cost share with you. Their information would be on the back of your custom designed postcard.
9) After I've signed up, what's the next step?
You will receive an automatically generated email with the subject line 'Your Automated Postcard Program User Account' with a link and instructions to complete the TREB DTA.
10) I’ve completed the TREB DTA. What's next?
Upon receipt, we will do our part then it will automatically go to your Broker of Record. From there it will go to TREB to be processed. Your Registration is complete when the DTA has been processed by TREB and we have your final approval for the template. When all of this is in place, you will receive a 'Registration Confirmation' email from us. We will then begin to receive any 'new' listing or sold data as of the next business day.
11) I need to make changes to my template, eg. new cell #, email... how do I notify you?
Email app@colourtech.com with the required changes. We will advise the cost and our graphics dept. will provide a proof for your review. Please note: it can take up to approx. 5 business days to make these changes. Therefore, any cards that are in the system may still go out under your previous profile.
12) I am moving to another company. How do I notify you?
If you change companies, you must email app@colourtech.com so that we can prevent future cards from being processed with your old information. We will cancel your current APP account and once you receive the Disabled Account email, you may register again at our website as a new user.
13) What if I want to use my own designer?
We really don't recommend it! There are strict guidelines that accompany this process, however, if you really want to use a designer other than Colour Tech, you must download the Adobe Photoshop template and follow the instructions in the APP Design Specifics PDF.

custom sample [see more]

pdfAPP Design Specifics
psd4 x 9 Template (front), psd4 x 9 Template (back)
14) How is the address printed on the card?
Your Just Listed postcard will be automatically printed with the data gleaned from your listing as transmitted by your Real Estate Board. While we make every effort to notify you of an address with obvious spelling errors, this is an automated program. The ultimate responsibility lies with the agent to ensure the listing address is entered correctly. The address is not printed on the Just Sold postcards.
15) If I send out Just Sold postcards, doesn't that violate the Privacy Act?
The address is not printed on the Just Sold postcards.
16) Which property photo will be on the card?
Because this is an Automated Postcard Program, Colour Tech is not responsible for the type of property photo that is included on your postcards but we will work with you. To prevent unnecessary delay of your postcards, we recommend that a landscape property photo of the front exterior of the house be uploaded when the listing is entered into MLS. If we receive data from your board without a property photo, we will request one from you via email. If you do not respond by the date specified, we will send your postcard using the non-photo template.
If we notice that the data received from your board includes a photo that does not show the exterior of the property, we will send you an email. If you do not respond by the date specified, we will process your postcard with the photo originally received. Property photos sent to us upon request may be your choice, exterior or interior.
The Just Sold cards will be printed with the same photo that was printed on the Just Listed card. NOTE: For optimum results, we recommend that all photos be landscape orientation.
17) Why is there so much white space at the bottom of the cards?
This is a Canada Post requirement. You have the option of changing the white to a lighter tone of the main colour you use for your background so that the white does not stand out quite so much.
18) When I registered, I indicated 200 cards but would now like to increase/decrease that quantity?
No problem. Just log in to your account and make the quantity change. We will update our system accordingly and you will receive a Registration Confirmation email showing the new quantity. Note: The quantity change will only affect new listings received after the Registration Confirmation email has been issued. Due to the fact that the same mailing list is used for both the Just Listed and Just Sold card (per property), if we previously sent out a Just Listed card for 100, and you change your quantity, the Just Sold card for that property will still receive 100 cards.
19) If I relist a property, will you send a second or third set of Just Listed cards?
Our system is designed to catch relists by recognizing duplicate addresses. Therefore, if the address is exactly the same when the relist comes through, our program will flag it. We will cancel the flagged Just Listed card if we have already processed one within the last 12 months. The charge will either be voided or refunded. In the event that the address is not exactly the same, a postcard may certainly be created since it will be considered a new listing. If we have also processed a Just Sold card within the last 12 months for that property, the relist will be considered a new listing and Just Listed cards will be processed. If you would like us to put an advance skip in the system so that your card is not charged for the relist, you may submit a Postcard Cancellation Request (see #22).
20) I sometimes co-list properties. Will the cards go out under my name?
It all comes down to how the listing is Broker-loaded. If a listing is posted under both Agents' individual ID's, and both Agents are registered for APP, we would receive the data and the cards would be created using the primary listing Agents' profile. If the first listing Agent is not registered for APP, we would not receive the data.
21) I don't want to send postcards out for my condo listings.
We are unable to program your specific profile to skip all condo listings. If there is a condo unit for which you do not wish to have a postcard sent, you may submit a Postcard Cancellation Request (see #22)
22) How do I submit a Postcard Cancellation Request?
Send one email to app@colourtech.com and include all of the following:1) MLS#; 2) Full address of listed/sold property, including city and postal code; 3) Specify Stop Just Listed or Stop Just Sold or Stop Just Listed and Just Sold. If the request is received prior to postcard creation, your credit card will not be charged. If the request is received after the postcard is created but before it is printed, we will skip the card and the charge will either be voided or refunded. If the radial search has already been purchased, and you do not want to use it, the applicable amount will be deducted from the refund. If the card has been sent to print, we will refund postage costs only. All requests to stop a card will be responded to via email. No assumptions should be made that the card will be stopped because a request has been submitted. While we try our best to accommodate these requests, this is an Automated Program and no guarantees will be made.
23) Do I have to contact you every time I get a listing or make a sale?
Absolutely not, no and never! Your data (with the exception of Exclusive Listings) will come to us automatically each time your listing is uploaded to your Board.
24) Exclusive Listings
Send one email to app@colourtech.com - specify Just Listed or Just Sold card required, include the full address of the property including the postal code and one property photo (landscape recommended). The address will be copied from your email and pasted into our system and, since we do not send proofs, please be sure to double check the information you are submitting. A nominal fee may apply.
25) Rural Listings (listings with a zero as the first numeric in the postal code, e.g. L0G 1W0)
Postcards for listings with a Rural Postal Code (0 as the first numeric) are automatically skipped because some rural addresses captured in the radial search do not include the required PO Box or RR# which results in the postcards being discarded by Canada Post. However, some agents have contacted the post office and have been informed that a PO Box or RR# is not required in the area of their listing and the postcards will be delivered using only the civic address. To have these postcards processed, please choose one of the following:

OPTION 1: Email app@colourtech.com now if you wish us to unskip all future listings with a rural postal code and we'll flag your account accordingly to ensure the cards are processed each time

OPTION 2: Email app@colourtech.com as each listing/sale arises - your request must include the MLS#, property address and whether you require us to unskip the Just Listed or Just Sold

26) Mobile Homes
If Property type=Mobile, our system will automatically filter the data sent to us from your Board so that a postcard is not produced. If Mobile is not indicated as the type but the property photo indicates as such, we will try our best to manually filter them out. Colour Tech does not guarantee that these will be caught, nor will we refund any costs associated with producing and mailing the postcards.
27) Vacant Land
If Property type=Vacant Land/Lot, our system will automatically filter the data sent to us from your Board so that a postcard is not produced. If Vacant Land/Lot is not indicated as the type but the property photo indicates as such, we will try our best to manually filter them out. Colour Tech does not guarantee that these will be caught, nor will we refund any costs associated with producing and mailing the postcards.
28) Commercial Listings
If Property type=Commercial, our system will automatically filter the data sent to us from your Board so that a postcard is not produced. If Commercial is not indicated as the type but the property photo indicates as such, we will try our best to manually filter them out. Colour Tech does not guarantee that these will be caught, nor will we refund any costs associated with producing and mailing the postcards.
29) Rentals and Leases
Data for Rentals and Leases will not be sent to us provided it is specified as such at the time the listing is entered.
30) What is a Radial Search?
A Radial Search, also known as a Mailing List, is a search that we run using the subject property address as a starting point. The radius is expanded to capture the required number of closest available single family and multi-unit residences. The list includes names, addresses and telephone numbers.
31) Will you send me the mailing list?
Absolutely! It will be emailed to you as part of the notification that your Listed or Sold cards have been processed.
32) My listing is in a condo building. How do you determine which addresses to capture?
The search will begin in the condo building and, if required, will expand outside to the closest residences (single family or multi-unit dwellings) until the required number of addresses is captured. Unit numbers are not stored numerically so they may not be captured in sequence beginning with the lowest unit number. For example, a search of 100 in a large building with 20 floors will not necessarily return results from the first 10 floors. You may get results which include units for the 15th floor before you see units for the 1st floor.

If there were no addresses captured in the building, it will be due to one of the following:
  • New Build
  • Incomplete Records - missing name, address or tel number
  • Resident is on the Unsubscribe/Non-Solicit List
33) Will a card be sent to the owner of the listed property?
Yes, as long as their address is captured during the radial search. If an address is incomplete in any way, marked as non-solicit, or missing names or a phone number, it will not be captured.
34) Why didn't the neighbour of the listed/sold property receive a card?
Is your neighbour's name and address on the mailing list? If an address is incomplete in any way, marked as non-solicit, or missing names or a phone number, it will not be captured.
35) How will I know when my cards have been sent out?
You will receive a notification email with the following attachments: .jpg images of the front/back of the postcard and the Radial Search as a .txt file. A receipt will be sent in a separate email.
36) Will you send a copy of the postcard in the mail to my office?
37) When will I receive the Mailing List?
The mailing list is included as an attachment to the email informing you that your cards have been mailed (see #31).
38) How do I Open the Mailing List in Excel?
a. Right click on the txt file and copy and paste it to your desktop
b. Open a blank page in Excel
c. File, Open (change Files of Type to All Files)
d. Select the txt file you pasted to your desktop and Open
e. File type should be Delimited
f. Click Next
g. Uncheck tab and check comma boxes
h. Click Next and Finish
39) Vacation Properties - How can I exclude cards from being sent to those addresses not occupied on a year round basis?
Unfortunately, there is no way of excluding such addresses from being captured in the radial search. Therefore, if you list in these areas, it is entirely possible that a Just Listed or Just Sold card will be directed to one of these homes and may or may not be deliverable by Canada Post. In this case, you may submit a Postcard Cancellation Request (see #22).
40) Will a card be mailed to an RR# address?
Many RR (Rural Route) addresses are being converted to civic addresses. Canada Post will not guarantee that mail will be delivered if a Rural Route # is used for a property that has been converted. Because of this, Rural Route addresses are not captured in our radial searches.
41) Will a card be mailed to a PO Box address?
A significant number of addresses have not been updated by mailing list providers to include the required PO Box number AND the civic address. Incorrectly addressed postcards may not be processed by Canada Post and could possibly be discarded. We, therefore, do not capture addresses that merely show the PO Box.
44) Removing A Name/Address From A Mailing List:
Neither Colour Tech, nor our Radial Search supplier, is able to remove people from mailing lists since they are compiled from what is known as 'public forum data'....basically the White pages. Our supplier recommends that the recipient of the unwanted card contact the Canadian Marketing Association (CMA). All Database Compilers must scrub their data against the Do Not Call/Mail List. Their phone number is 416.391.2362.
45) National Do Not Call List (National DNCL)
Radial Searches/Mailing Lists provided by Colour Tech may contain telephone numbers that are registered on the National DNCL. The responsibility lies with the Agent to ensure they do not place calls to those numbers by registering themselves as a Telemarketer with the National DNCL. For further detailed information, please call them directly at: 1-877-249-CRTC (2782) or visit their website at: www.lnnte-dncl.gc.ca/index-eng
46) What is a Data Transfer Agreement (DTA) / Data Licence Agreement (DLA)?
The Data Transfer/Licence Agreement is a document, authorized by your Broker, which gives us permission to access your listing and sold data.
47) How do I obtain a receipt for each card that goes out?
A receipt will be sent to you via email for each set of postcards that we process for you.
48) How do I obtain a statement of charges for a specific time period?
Monthly or quarterly statements for taxation purposes will be issued upon request.
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