Real Estate Marketing in 2014: The Power of Facebook

Real estate marketing has come a long way, even just over the past decade. Now, the pros who are best at real estate marketing are online and taking advantage of digital reach – including social media.


Creating a social media strategy in this day and age involves knowing where your customers spend their time online and then making it possible to interact with them (and let them interact with you). And when it comes to social media strategy, no platform is as important as Facebook.

Creating a Facebook business page can unlock a world of potential when it comes to reaching your audience. Learn how you can use the power of a Facebook business page and make the most of your real estate marketing in the fast-paced, ultra-connected world of 2014.

Why Make a Facebook Business Page?

First, a few statistics that showcase the reach Facebook delivers:

–       Facebook has a staggering 1.31 billion active users
–       The network’s user base grew by 22% from 2012 to 2013
–       640 million minutes are spent on Facebook every month
–       Each visit, on average, lasts for 18 minutes
–       Every 20 minutes on Facebook, 1 million links are sent
–       The most active Facebook users in the world are in Canada

No other network delivers as much potential for connecting with your target audience (plus buyers who may be interested in your clients’ properties) as Facebook.

With a Facebook business page, you can give your business a place not just on the internet, but on social media. A website is great, but being in the center of the fast-moving social media world can be a powerful addition.

What a Business Page Can Do for Your Social Media Strategy

What capabilities does a Facebook business page bring to your social media strategy and overall real estate marketing efforts?

With a business page, you can:

–       Showcase your services
–       Highlight properties on behalf of your clients
–       Share helpful, educational content that your audience will love
–       Share pictures and videos
–       Create polls to engage with your audience
–       Respond directly to your audience as your business
–       Add administrators, managers, and content creators to help run your page
–       Meet new potential clients and address their needs
–       Give your clients and audience members an easy way to communicate with you

Virtually any part of your social media strategy can be executed through your business page. A business page is one of the most robust and versatile options for real estate marketing efforts. If you view a business page as the operations center for your strategy, there’s virtually no limit to how you can connect with others.

Take the opportunity to supercharge your real estate marketing campaign. Learn more about how a Facebook business page can unlock the potential for an active, vibrant social media strategy that allows superior engagement – and superior business results.

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  1. Cresta

    Not only for doing real estate business, Facebook is really a very good platform for promoting brands or developing businesses. Because, posting Ad on Facebook is more valuable than Newspaper or any other channels.

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