The Colour Tech Story:

As we look back in time, we realize the impact Colour Tech has made by introducing a product which changed the way Sales Agents marketed themselves. We were the very first company in Canada to introduce a business card on card stock that included a full colour photo. We believed that the photo card would become the card of choice for REALTORS® because it changed a standard corporate business card into a personal marketing card which promoted the agent. As we enter our 23rd year in business we are proud to say that now almost 90% of the people in this industry use a photo card today.

Of course, we didn't stop there. We stated from the outset that we would keep up with new technology in the print world. What a challenge that was. We've been extremely innovative in adding new features, new designs and new enhancements to our initial product but, more than that, we have introduced an extensive line of additional marketing products, all of which has helped our clients look professional and stand out amongst their peers.

We have experienced personnel in our company who can offer personalized marketing services and marketing programs that will help the people we deal with be successful in the coming years. We have also taken the lead in forming alliances with other reputable companies who market the Real Estate Industry. You can find them on our Preferred Partners page.

There are two things that lead to success. One is innovation and the second is marketing. We believe in both and we believe we can help people in sales achieve success.

Our Promise to You.

"We at Colour Tech are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality personal promotion products in the shortest time frame at the best possible price.

We will strive to give everyone friendly personalized service and a sense of receiving good value for their investment in us.

We intend to stay at the forefront of new technology, new marketing ideas and new product design to give our clients the best and most innovative assistance available to help further their success in business."

Bob Campbell, President & CEO
Building better business... with Colour Tech Marketing Inc